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Filter Exchange · Need help, should be simple
msg #151277
3/18/2020 5:27:24 PM

Here you go. For future reference, I do suggest you post whatever code you have. Even if it's not working, it's often helpful to learn how to change your own code to make it work.

set{52wh,high 52-week high}
set{var1,52wh - cls}
set{var2,cls / 52wh}
set{var3,var2 - 1}
set{var4,var3 * 100}

add column var1 {52-week high - close}
add column var4 {Percentage difference}

add column high 52-week high
draw price line at 52wh

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #151251
3/16/2020 5:40:06 PM

Metals are going down because everyone is getting margin called. They have to liquidate their gold, silver, et. al. assets to cover their margin calls. I expect metals to recover once the stock sell-off dies off, but who the heck knows in this climate.

“In the near-term, gold could see further downside because of the need to meet margin calls across other markets and if investors are preferring to move to cash and reduce risk exposure across the board.”

General Discussion · Best analysis of COVID-19 spread.
msg #151231
3/15/2020 1:57:40 PM

TL;DR - It's too late. Buy puts.

General Discussion · Best analysis of COVID-19 spread.
msg #151230
3/15/2020 1:51:47 PM

TL;DR - It's too late. Buy Puts.

Edit: Made link clickable.

Filter Exchange · Attn: FILTER GURUS! WT*!!!
msg #151216
3/13/2020 7:09:33 PM

/* Looking for stocks that dropped the LEAST, but no more than 10% from the close 30 days ago */
not etf
close > 490
volume > 500000

set{c30,close 30 days ago}
set{10p,c30 * .90}
close > 10p

set{Pchange1,close / c30}
set{Pchange2,Pchange1 - 1}
set{Pchange,Pchange2 * 100}

add column c30 {Close 30 days ago}
add column 10p {10% below close 30 days ago}
add column Pchange {Percent Change}

sort by column 7 descending

Filter Exchange · Bearish filter: Beat down and continue dropping
msg #151098
3/6/2020 11:30:54 AM

Here is my Market Health filter:

chart-time is 4 months

draw wma(150)
set{var1,high 4-month high}
set{4MH,count(high > var1 1 day ago,84)}
add column 4MH
add column var1 {4-month high}
draw high 4-month high

set{var2,low 4-month low}
set{4ML,count(low < var2 1 day ago,84)}
add column 4ML
add column var2 {4-month low}
draw low 4-month low

For me, SPY and at least 3 of the other tickers need to be trading above their wma(150). Right now, only NFLX is.

Also, recent 4-month lows indicate we are still early on in the correction.

When do we go from correction to bearish market? When 4-month lows exceed 4-month highs.

Filter Exchange · Bearish filter: Beat down and continue dropping
msg #151094
3/6/2020 8:38:52 AM

Close under the wma(200) for 100 days signals a strong bearish trend.
The slope tells us it is not recovering, either.
Relative strength compares the stock to the SPY. We're looking for the stock to be underperforming SPY for last 150 days.
The slope of Relative Strength confirms the last 30 days are still underperforming SPY and show no signs of recovering.
The HiCl4 and HiCl6 gives me resistance areas, which are good for selecting strike prices on options.

It depends on what the IV is and what strategy I'm using.
Credit spreads usually 30-45 DTE.
Debit spreads 60-90 DTE.
Calendars 20-45 DTE for front month.
Long puts 60+ DTE.

Filter Exchange · Bearish filter: Beat down and continue dropping
msg #151088
3/5/2020 10:16:40 PM

Since we're all waiting for this correction to stabilize, here is a filter for bearish stocks. I usually play these with bearish options strategies, but no reason you couldn't short either.

market not etf
close > 10
average volume(30) > 500000
close < wma(200) for last 100 days
100-day slope of close < 0

Relative Strength(^SPX,150) < 1.0
30-day slope of Relative Strength(^SPX,150) < 0

set{HiCl4,high 4-week high - close}
set{HiCl6,high 6-week high - close}
add column HiCl4
add column HiCl6

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #151077
3/4/2020 11:01:52 AM

@Nobody, just start a new topic. Only time you necro old posts is if it's directly related to the original subject and even then it may be better to start a new topic and just link to the old post as reference.

General Discussion · Filter OUT biotech stocks
msg #151066
3/3/2020 10:03:37 PM

I'm not sure those filters work. Try this one:

set{nobio,count(industry equals 36,1)}
nobio equals 0
add column industry

You can go for the Scorched Earth approach. Run this filter:


Change to List View. I recommend you change your maximum results to 100 in your account settings.
Click the topmost checkbox.
Click Ignore Checked at the bottom.
Repeat with each page till you get them all.

Note that sector(medical) includes all things medical, not just biotech. Hospitals, supplies, medical I.T., etc.

Alternatively, you can add each ticker you don't want to the ignore list. You'll get them all eventually!

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