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Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149290
10/5/2019 6:03:57 PM

Added two lines at the bottom to tighten up the number of results.

market is etf
set{1A_1, count (close > bottom linear regression line(13,0.75) 1 day ago,1)}
set{1A_2, count (LRS(13) < 0,1)}
set{1A, 1A_1 * 1A_2}

set{2A, count(rsi(14) crossed above 40,1)}

set{trigger, 1A * 2A}
add column trigger > 0

add column 1A
add column 2A
add column rsi(14)

average volume(30) > 123456
low > wma(150)

Public Filter List · Draw Gann Square of Nine (SQ9) Levels on Charts
msg #149289
10/5/2019 5:44:50 PM

Impressive filter, manifestation. I do want to point out that SF does not recognize highs and lows beyond 3 years: So the line below is substituting your 5-year high iwth the 3-year high.

set{MajorPoint, High 5 year high * DigitMultiplier} // The reference top/bottom. You may change it to a specific number

add column high 10-year high
add column high 9-year high
add column high 8-year high
add column high 7-year high
add column high 6-year high
add column high 5-year high
add column high 4-year high
add column high 3-year high
add column high 2-year high
add column high 1-year high

high 1-year high < high 2-year high
high 2-year high < high 3-year high

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149287
10/5/2019 4:35:22 PM

sandjco, there's probably better ways to find breaking trendlines, but this is what I use in my filters.

Unfortunately, when looking back, the LRC always draws with today's data, instead of however long you're looking back. The filter is still showing correctly, it's just the LRC lines display based on today's data. Go back a month to see what I mean.

Still, it does a reasonable job of showing a breakout of a trend.

/* Breaking downward trend */
close > top linear regression line(38,0.75) 1 day ago
LRS(38) < 0

Filter Exchange · Creating a specific Filter
msg #149270
10/2/2019 6:44:14 PM

There's even a specific indicator for that one:

close > 10
close-to-open gap > .05
add column close-to-open gap

Filter Exchange · Probably The Best ETF Filter
msg #149235
9/25/2019 7:34:46 PM

With BUY markers for look-back purposes:

set{var1,count(weekly indposition(obv,50) is below .20,1)}
set{var2,count(weekly mfi (10) is below 20,1)}
set{var3,count(weekly rsi(14) is below 35,1)}
/* set{var0,count(fisher transform(10) is below,1)} */
set{var4,var1 * var2}
set{BUY,var4 * var3}
BUY > 0

Draw weekly Williams %r(14) line at -80
Draw Weekly Williams %r(14) line at -22 etf
add column stderr(close,45)
draw weekly indposition(obv,50) line at .20
draw weekly indposition(obv,50) line at .80
DRAW WEEKLY MFI(10) line AT 80
DRAW WEEKLY MFI(10) line AT 20
draw weekly rsi(14) line at 35
draw weekly rsi(14) line at 70
draw weekly rsi(14) line at 63
draw weekly rsi(14) line at 30
draw weekly aroon(25) up
draw weekly aroon(25) down
draw weekly aroon(25) down line at 99
draw weekly aroon(25) down line at 1
draw fisher transform(10)
draw fisher transform(10) line at 4
draw fisher transform(10) line at -4
draw linear regression slope(10)
draw linear regression slope(10) line at 1

Filter Exchange · Modified OBV request/help!
msg #149229
9/24/2019 6:41:52 PM


close > 10
set{var1,close - close 1 day ago}
set{var2,volume * var1}
set{var3,var2 1 day ago}
set{OBVx,var2 + var3}

draw OBVx
draw OBV
draw OBVx line at 0
draw OBV line at 0

General Discussion · faulty ROC filter returns?
msg #149224
9/24/2019 11:18:22 AM

SPI had a reverse stock split on 11/16/18. StockFetcher's prices do not retroactively adjust for splits, so about a year ago, SPI was trading for around 0.30.

chart-time is 1 year
add column close 250 days ago

Filter Exchange · Newbie needs help :)
msg #149202
9/21/2019 1:59:39 PM

chart-display is weekly
chart-time is 1 year

Show stocks were EMA(20) is above EMA(40)
and EMA(40) is above MA(50)
and MA(50) is above MA(100) for the last 20 weeks
and MA(100) is above MA(150) for the last 20 weeks
and MA(150) is above MA(200) for the last 20 weeks
and close 1 week ago is above close 2 weeks ago
and Stochastic %K(15,5,3) < 20
Stochastic %D(15,5,3) < 20

and volume is above 200000

draw MACD Histogram(12,26,9)

Filter Exchange · Bulkowski's Reversal
msg #149201
9/21/2019 11:31:56 AM

Been messing around with Bulkowski's Weekly Reversal pattern and adapting it to daily for swing trading.

/* Bulkowski's Reversal */

average volume(30) > 1234567

/* Price action away from wma(150) to exclude false positives */
set{a1,count(price touched wma(150),10)}
a1 < 1
do not draw a1

/* Reversal signal */
set{var1,count(high 1 day ago > high 2 days ago,1)}
set{var2,count(close 1 day ago < low 2 days ago,1)}
set{var3,count(open 1 day ago > open 2 days ago,1)}
set{var4,var1 * var2}
set{signal,var3 * var4}

/* Long confirmation */
set{x1,count(close > high 1 day ago,1)}
set{x2,count(low > wma(150),1)}
set{x3,x1 * x2}
set{LONG,x3 * signal}

/* Short confirmation */
set{z1,count(close < low 1 day ago,1)}
set{z2,count(high < wma(150),1)}
set{z3,z1 * z2}
set{SHORT,z3 * signal}

set{trigger,LONG + SHORT}
trigger > 0

draw LONG
draw SHORT
do not draw trigger

Filter Exchange · Can anyone help.?
msg #149192
9/19/2019 3:21:09 PM

average volume(30) > 1234567
close > 10
market not etf

set{5DH,high 5-day high 1 day ago}
set{1SD,standard deviation(5) 1 day ago}

add column 5DH
add column 1SD

set{var1,5DH + 1SD}
set{trigger,count(close > var1,1)}
trigger > 0

draw price line at 5DH

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