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General Discussion · "Within" parameter appears broken....please help!!!!!!
msg #149748
12/2/2019 11:33:35 AM

Reading the SF manual, as best as I can tell, "within the last" applies only to the following statements:

"crossed above/below"
"gained/lost more than"
"reached a new high/low"

How to fix your statement? Two ways:

CCI(20) crossed below -200 within the last 6 days
draw CCI(20) line at -200

set{var1,count(CCI(20) < -200,6)}
var1 > 0
draw CCI(20) line at -200


General Discussion · $ Volume
msg #154567
11/6/2020 9:37:22 PM

set{DV,cma(volume,10) * close}
DV 1 day ago > 1000000
draw DV line at 1000000

General Discussion · $ Volume
msg #154574
11/7/2020 12:43:22 PM

The issue with using the close and the volume of the same day is it doesn't take into account the price swings throughout that day. It only takes the close price. This is not a problem if the day's trading was tight, but if it was wide, the indicator becomes less relevant.

Using a moving average of 10 days attempts to mitigate that somewhat.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #151077
3/4/2020 11:01:52 AM

@Nobody, just start a new topic. Only time you necro old posts is if it's directly related to the original subject and even then it may be better to start a new topic and just link to the old post as reference.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #151251
3/16/2020 5:40:06 PM

Metals are going down because everyone is getting margin called. They have to liquidate their gold, silver, et. al. assets to cover their margin calls. I expect metals to recover once the stock sell-off dies off, but who the heck knows in this climate.

“In the near-term, gold could see further downside because of the need to meet margin calls across other markets and if investors are preferring to move to cash and reduce risk exposure across the board.”

General Discussion · 2 closes above the 21 EMA
msg #159399
8/5/2022 12:23:47 PM

You asked for one thing (closes above EMA twice), but your filter is for something different (close crossed above EMA twice). Not sure which you want, but here are both.

count close above EMA(21),5 > 1

count close crossed above EMA(21),5 > 1

General Discussion · 2 conditions: volume spike and 5 mil shares+, looking back 10 days prior
msg #158712
3/2/2022 9:58:51 PM

set{vol200,average volume(10) 1 day ago * 3}
set{x1,count(volume >= vol200,1)}
set{x2,count(volume >= 5000000,1)}
set{trigger,count(trigger1 equals 2,10)}
x1 > -1
x2 > -2
trigger > 0

add column trigger {No. times both conditions met in last 10 days}
sort column 5 descending

General Discussion · 2 different bollinger bandwidth scans and Why?
msg #159326
7/23/2022 9:50:54 PM

In your first statement you are simply taking the difference between the upper and lower bands.

Bollinger Width does not do that:

The Bollinger Width returns the width of the upper and lower bollinger band divided by the n-day average price.

Filter Exchange · 2 standard deviation pull back on prior 10 bars
msg #146925
3/14/2019 2:44:14 PM

You'll have to check the accuracy, but I believe this draws a line 2SD above the current close and 2SD below the current close as calculated over the last 10 days.

The variable "lower" would be your stop loss.

market not otcbb
average volume(30) > 1234567
close > 10
ema(9) > ema(50)

set{2SD,Standard Deviation(10)*2}

draw price line at upper
draw price line at lower

add column 2SD
add column upper
add column lower

Filter Exchange · 52 week high help
msg #158914
4/1/2022 7:54:26 AM

/* Your request */
count(high 1 day ago < high 52 week high 1 day ago,5) equals 5
high equals high 52 week high

/* Extra visuals, bells, and whistles */
add column separator
add column days(high 1 day ago equals high 52 week high 1 day ago,252) {Days since last 52-week high}
add column high 52 week high 1 day ago
add column high 52 week high

draw price line at high 52 week high 1 day ago
do not draw high 52 week high
sort column 6 descending

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