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General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #154018
9/12/2020 1:52:49 PM

After all this politics stuff has come and gone. Left or Right, we need to remember that it's the herds choice and that we really do hate each other. ( Antonym sentence for today) !

Filter Exchange · MACD Not Bad
msg #151792
4/9/2020 7:50:53 PM

@ Shillllihs - This is close to yours. What do you think about it ? There is always room for improvement.

show stocks where the cema(trix0204,5) crossed above cema(trix0204,5) 1 day ago
draw cema(trix0204,5)
volume is above 100000
price is below median bollinger band(20)

Close is between 5 and 15
CHART-TIME is 35 Days

General Discussion · What needs to be done now...
msg #151680
4/3/2020 12:47:29 PM

@ klynn55, I don't know what it is, but it's like a sickness has taken over DC. I've been advocate for National Health since the 70's when it was just an idea. I've supported all Democrat candidates where ever I could, nothing heavy just a clip board and going door to door. Democrats stood up for me. 200 years from now history will write that Bill Clinton was one of our best presidents and both Bush's were the worst. This DC sickness has destroyed honesty, unity, and compassion for the country. There seems to be no cure for the country. We are imprisoned by two jailers. A greedy elephant and a brainless jackass.
---- Sorry just my view ----

General Discussion · What needs to be done now...
msg #151675
4/3/2020 11:18:43 AM

Like klynn55 I also hate lying politicians . If you are okay with Adam Schiff, you are walking around with just one eye ball stuck in the middle of your forehead !

General Discussion · “Ulcer Index” in StockFetcher?
msg #149381
10/20/2019 1:28:21 PM

Thank you all

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Corner
msg #146395
2/2/2019 11:54:41 AM

Mac, you are right ! It all comes down to what's the trigger. I only have a few triggers because I've worked to make my filters very plain and very simple. Example: 20 day slope of the close below 0, MA(5) crosses above MA(9). Trigger is the cross ! Chart needs to be smooth not choppy. Lock in your profits - buy something.

msg #140607
1/2/2018 9:10:30 PM

When ever I see one of these " Either - Or " situations I always think of this old saying " your temper will get you in trouble - but, your pride will keep you there ". I'm sorry to see Kevin split the scene, but he's gone. I'm equally sorry that Shillihs and all his infantile boastful rants will continue. You folks that claim Kevin was half the reason you were in SF should learn to read a chart and start doing your own thinking.
Oh well what hell, we all lost someone special today. I guess I'm just going to keep watch'n for the MA(9) line to cross under a nice juicy pattern with the close under RSI 30 .

General Discussion · My Filters not working correctly
msg #140274
12/20/2017 10:04:51 PM

I can't save changes.

Filter Exchange · Setting a Buy Limit
msg #133333
12/20/2016 10:29:21 PM

That's it ! Thank you Kevin.

Filter Exchange · Setting a Buy Limit
msg #133174
12/11/2016 4:35:24 PM

Someone included this phrase in a filter that I copied a while back and I was wondering, how was it calculated. I did some research, but came up empty. It will provide a level ( dollar amount ) to recommend an entry point. I'd just like to know what's it based on.

add column enterprice{buy limit}

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