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General Discussion · No more MARY
msg #46583
8/24/2006 10:26:12 PM

The purpose of this thread was to start a dogpile on MARY in an effort to get him to stop posting. What else could NO MORE MARY possibly mean? I think you have accomplished that.

It is obvious that you are not interested in hearing opposing positions on this either. I was merely voting for the other side. Read my post again. Carefully. “more than in most other habitual posters” does not say that I do not want to see their posts. On the contrary, I do. But I choose who’s posts that I read; always, sometimes or never.

If their posts are not there, then I cannot make that choice.

I want to be able to make that choice NOT HAVE YOU MAKE THAT CHOICE FOR ME!!!

General Discussion · No more MARY
msg #46552
8/23/2006 1:54:54 AM

I find a lot of good advice in MARY’s post, more than in most other habitual posters.
If you don’t want to see his posts – try the ignore function.


General Discussion · Just a Heads Up lll
msg #42812
4/7/2006 6:08:11 PM

EWZuber, Can you point me to the Convergent Stochastic Theory?

General Discussion · What causes a stock to gap like this?
msg #42810
4/7/2006 5:44:04 PM

EW Zuber, this helps immensely.
BBSE Gapped up again today, from 1.85 to 1.91, then crashed to 1.61. I, thankfully, Stopped out at 1.82 for a quick 6% gain for 2 days. Resistance was set on Feb28 at 1.90's. Today must have been the sucker play day. If what you say is true, that big money is holding the price, should I be able to see this in a level II screen?

The big money gap up sounds dangerous. What usually happens after a sucker play?


General Discussion · What causes a stock to gap like this?
msg #42799
4/7/2006 9:19:47 AM

The question is basic, but I figure this is a good place to learn.

BBSE has been trading flat throught the day, then gaps up. What causes a stock to act like this? What puzzles me is that this has been going on more or less for the last 6 days. Granted there is a some directional movement througout the trading day, but it is mostly slight. Then the next day, gap up?!?! Due diligence cannot turn up any reason for these daily gaps.


Show stocks where close is between 3 and .3
and average volume(10)is above 500000
and close is greater than open
and open is greater than close 1 day ago

Filter Exchange · Who really wants to find the next NTRI?
msg #42253
3/19/2006 11:57:38 PM

Howdy TRO
Nice filter, though I'm not seeing these columns in the table:
add column Bullpower
add column Bearpower
add column BLxBL
add column BRxBR

Best Regards,

Filter Exchange · Basic Filter for newbies and old pros...
msg #37366
8/8/2005 6:15:57 PM

How can I fit it all on one screen without having to scroll from L to R? Also, where is the decoder ring for "E36a", "E5b" and other codes you are using?

I have read through this entire post an most others by you, and I must say that that your contribution plus the responses are very insightful. Though I have not found the Grail yet, I am learning more and getting more positive in my trades. But I must say that this is more like a cockpit than a dashboard...


Filter Exchange · "The PROPHECY"
msg #33635
10/23/2004 1:45:51 AM

Although I agree with the general concept of finding stocks trending upward then pull back to continue up, the problem that I see with “the Prophecy” is that the pull back has been going on for too long which may indicate a new trend rather than a pullback. For example, ROCK is 9 days from today, FAF is about 6 days (but looking mighty fine today). I would think those with a more dramatic 3-5 day pull before continuing up again would be more apt to rebound sharper with more movement in the beginning.

Being new at this, I came up with this simple filter:
Fetcher[show stocks where closing price 3 days ago is greater than 10% more than the closing price 10 days ago
and the closing price is greater than 5% less than the closing price 3 days ago
and the closing price is greater than 2
and avg volume(10) is greater than 400000

Notice that the jumps are more dramatic. I have played around with the “X days ago” adding more days, and have noticed the picks have similar characteristics. We know that volume moves stocks, so I think that your limit of 100,000 shares is not enough.

I would like to have more knowledge base on technicals to help identify safer entries. Stocks that are picked up by this filter tend to be more volatile, which lately has been successful. Any tweaks would be appreciated


General Discussion · ga filter test
msg #33333
9/21/2004 10:21:04 AM

The answer is "OFFSET 8 DAYS"


General Discussion · ga filter test
msg #33332
9/21/2004 9:40:51 AM

Just joined.
I'm looking at some of the filter suggestions in the forums and would like to test them by looking at the results say 3, 5, or 8 days ago. If I was looking for long stocks, I would want to see the results they would have come up with a few days ago to see how they are doing today.

WHat phrase can I add to the end of a filter to show me these results.


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