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General Discussion · Abnormal Activity filters
msg #49680
1/29/2007 11:33:34 AM

TRO, thanks for the timing answer...I'll watch it to day...

as for other users the abnormal query location question

on small try this....

click on the tools menu
then technical search
then in the price indicator queries area you can pick the Abnormal Activity dropdown
And in the volume indicator queries area you can pick the Abnormal Volume dropdown

I am under the assumption that these are what has been talked about in this thread....

Also, I signed up for the free stockscores login, and it worked at home last night, but here at work security/firewalls/etc... get in the way of accessing this site for some reason. But it seemed to me that the stockscores pages looked identical to the smallcapcenter pages. Made me think these two sites were related in some way.

General Discussion · Abnormal Activity filters
msg #49663
1/29/2007 12:10:27 AM

Hi TRO and Muddy,

I’ve been sitting in on Muddy’s chat room for the past week and have watched what this thread is about in action – amazing. But how does one find the stocks with abnormal moves based on real time data feeds? The smallcapcenter tech search seems to be based on delayed data, not real time data quotes. I can use SF to finds stocks that behaved this way yesterday and then watch the stocks the next day using a real time stock feed such as with etrade and yahoo. But it would seem there must be a system available to do the searching for abnormal moves based on real time feeds – how can one do this?
Thanks for your help and insights....

General Discussion · Can Someone explain what this means in English
msg #49597
1/26/2007 5:24:22 PM

* means times or multiply

thus body_size2 is equal to body_size * 2 or twice the size of body_size

General Discussion · Can Someone explain what this means in English
msg #49532
1/24/2007 11:15:41 PM

I see/read this as a way to analysis stocks via a candle stick approach

to start, stockfetcher (sf) has some predefined variables such as low, high, close, and open and by default sf assigns the variables the corresponding values of low, high, close, and open

the "set" command is how you can define your own variables and assign them a value

The first "set" command creates the variable called "body_bottom" and assigns the value which is the minimum value of either the stocks open or the stocks closevalue

you can read this first set command line like this...

set body_bottom equal to the minimum of either the open or close value

with this understood, know think about a candle stick, it has a body, a top, a tail, etc...

this filter makes use of 6 user defined variables


you can figure out what these represent by drawing a candle stick and applying the associated math to your diagram

now comes the part of the filter that tells sf what to display in the filter results. It starts with

show stocks where the tail size is less than the value of 0.0001

meaning to me show stocks that have very small candle stick tails

a small body size - meaning the close and open were close in value
also the close has been decreasing for 3 days or meaning 3 days down
and the body_top was less than the close 1 day ago

I hope this helps...

General Discussion · Where to obtain intraday crossover event and set alerts
msg #49529
1/24/2007 9:41:02 PM

Thanks TRO!

General Discussion · Love 2.0
msg #49508
1/24/2007 6:36:00 PM


I’ve been looking at a lot of the online tools and Stockfetcher's capabilities blows em all away. 2.0 makes it even better! Great Job!!!!

General Discussion · Where to obtain intraday crossover event and set alerts
msg #49506
1/24/2007 6:21:26 PM

Where to obtain intraday crossover event and set alerts

I’ve been trying to find a system/package that allows me to monitor cross over events on intraday data…ie Simple Moving Average (10) over Simple Moving Average(10) based on 5 minute data...charts, alerts, screeners, etc…is there a place I can access such data freely or via inexpensive subscription? Most places want daytrader account (25k deposit) and/or > x number of trades per month before you can get at this type of data or system. I want/need to learn to walk before I run sort to speak…I can see such items data with SF, but the data is delayed, any suggestions?

General Discussion · 10/60 cross
msg #49460
1/22/2007 4:12:11 PM

I see this a lot, what is this about?

General Discussion · Day traders May I ask you?
msg #49365
1/18/2007 4:28:55 PM

Thanks Thanks Thanks for mentioning hoku, curious did you find it watching gap ups, volume spikes, and HOD as well as an rsi(1) very low a few days ago?
Oh did I say thanks for mentioning hoku :)

General Discussion · great site for indicators, oscillators, and more
msg #49127
1/10/2007 6:06:14 PM

scroll down to the bottom

example bolinger bands

right hand side of page

click on listed bolinger band link

(important step here) click on the

bolinger bands REPORT html link



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