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General Discussion · How to add 1-day performance column?
msg #143600
5/18/2018 4:01:41 PM

Hi, if I run a filter and look at the stocks generated from 6 months ago, the "perf%" column will show me the cumulative % return between 6 months ago and today.

Can anyone please show me how I can add a column where I instead see the 1-day forward returns instead of the cumulative returns?

Example, when looking at stocks generated by a filter on the close of May 1st, I would want to see what the returns would be if I bought the stock on May 1st and held until May 2nd.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

General Discussion · How to add 1-day performance column?
msg #143621
5/21/2018 2:02:51 PM

Hi four,

Thank you for your attempt, but that isn't quite what I was looking for, with the manual entry of closing price.

I like to sometimes look back in my filters to see what stocks were generated a few months ago, and would have like to have been able to see the 1-day, 2-day, 3-day performance from the day that the stock showed up from the filter, rather than the cumulative performance between 3 months ago and today.

Filter Exchange · I'm tired of losing money - can someone give me something that works?
msg #147249
4/9/2019 4:33:36 AM

Hi. Repulsive thread title, I know. But the reality is that I consistently lose money when trading and it is a soul-destroying feeling. Lately I feel like quitting.

Do any of you out there have a filter that produces steady returns for your accounts? I'm not looking to be a greedy pig, I just want something where I can make a bit of pocket money.

I'm open to all ideas at this point.

Thank you to anyone that can help.

Filter Exchange · Is there a way to identify how many days highest/lowest close today is?
msg #150675
2/5/2020 1:52:22 PM

For example, if you have list of stocks, and stock ABC just reached the highest close in the most recent 86 days, have an 86 show up in a column. If it is the lowest close in 86 days, have a -86 show up. If stock BCD just reached a 6 day highest close, have a 6 show up, and so on and so forth, in one column for your entire list of stocks.

I know it is possible to have a 1 show up if todays close is the highest close in the last xx days (your choice), but Id really prefer the actual numerical that identifes exactly how high or low todays closing price is.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

Filter Exchange · stochastics signal with backtest
msg #149344
10/15/2019 5:11:16 AM

Could someone be a saint and post the poor man's version of this signal?

General Discussion · Stratasearch not working & website gone?
msg #143139
4/9/2018 9:57:12 AM

My stratasearch program has not been working lately, and I went to their website and it looks like it is gone.

If this is true, it is extremely disappointing for me - I loved backtesting using their platform. Anyone else experiencing the same problems? If yes, do any of you know where I can find a good backtesting platform elsewhere?

General Discussion · Stratasearch Resurrection
msg #143298
4/23/2018 10:43:32 AM


Thank you so much for sharing this information. Similar to Blackbear, I too was disheartened when I tried to run Statasearch recently and could not. Disappointment turned turned to despair when I went to the Stratasearch website and found that it had completely disappeared.

Now that stratsearch website/support is gone, it might be wise for us to setup a continuing thread for questions regarding debugging, scripting, data uploads, that the website is gone, I imagine that the user numbers will continue to dwindle as time goes on and it may be increasingly difficult to resolve questions that we have regarding the program (as users become more and more distant from one another).

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Edit: question for Nibor100 - does this mean that we will have to manually update our data going forward (cannot set Stratasearch to autoupdate from yahoo finance, etc)?

General Discussion · Stratasearch Resurrection
msg #143403
5/1/2018 11:00:37 AM


I was able to get my Stratasearch working, and it still imports the price data from Yahoo. Very grateful for all your help.

General Discussion · Stratasearch Resurrection
msg #143472
5/7/2018 10:31:29 AM

I downloaded the latest free version of StrataSearch per davesaint86's post and even with the box checked, to first go to the missing website, the program continues to run without shutting down, so apparently some kind of fix was made.

I decided to try the Yahoo import of prices, but after running for about an hour it shut off with only a few hundred symbols loaded.

Do you have any tips on how to get the Yahoo import of prices in StrataSearch to execute the entire task?


Yes, I ran into a similar problem importing prices via Yahoo Finance. I remember reading on Stratasearch somewhere that Yahoo will "time-out" on users who are pulling a ton of data from their API, so I'm not sure if that is the cause.

My problem was slightly different that yours, because I was able to successfully pull data for about 3,000 tickers before getting error messages, unlike your problem where you were only able to download data for 300 tickers. Here is what I did.

After clicking the 'import price data' tab, you'll notice a box pops up. At the bottom of the box there is 'symbols.csv' file selected as the location where stratasearch looks for a symbol list. If you click the 'edit' box next to that list, it will open the ~7,000 stock symbol list in notepad.

I edited that list down to around 2,700 names (large caps, popular etfs) and now I no longer get the 'time-out' error message. The 'symbols.csv' list is housed in the following folder (on my desktop):

C:-StrataSearch-Data-Common-BaseData-Symbols-United States-Stock

To save you some time editing the 7,000 symbol list, below is a dropbox link to my 2,700 symbol list that I am currently using in stratasearch without issue:

Perhaps you want to download this file and replace the 7,000 stock list in stratasearch with it.

If this doesn't work for you, I'd recommend you creating a symbols list with your favorite 290 tickers, and just using that for your import list (which should keep you under the time out that you are currently experiencing).

Also, I was able access the Stratasearch user forums (that disappeared) by using a web archive tool. You may find that helpful.

Best of luck to you.

Filter Exchange · Swing Trading with Larry Connors
msg #150659
2/4/2020 11:38:41 AM

Here is another filter for shorting stocks that Larry Connors shared several years ago. Short today if price is >= 8% higher than yesterdays close. Exit when the CRSI indicator closes below 30

show stocks where close is greater than 5 and
average volume(20) is greater than
500,000 and where Connors RSI(3,2,100) is greater than 85
and Historical Volatility(100,1) is greater than 40
and adx(10) is greater than 40
and where high divided by close from 1 day ago is greater than 1.079
set{trigger, close * 1.08}
and add column Connors RSI(3,2,100)
and add column MA(5)
and add column PE Ratio
and add column high
and add column low
add column optionable
add column trigger
draw MA(5)
draw Connors RSI(3,2,100)
sort column 3 descending
and High 1 day ago Reached a New 10 Day High

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