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Filter Exchange · Bullish Engulfing Pattern
msg #26946
6/19/2003 1:59:03 PM

Hey FST try this enhanced filter of yours, let me know what you think
Fetcher[Pattern is Bullish Engulfing and Slow Stochastics(15,3) is below 25 and Chaikins Volatility(10,10) is below 0 and
and Mass Index(25,9) is below 26.5 and
close is between .20 and 5 and daily volume is above 50,000

General Discussion · low budget trading
msg #26845
6/12/2003 5:11:43 PM

Nice idea, but remember we are in a mini "Bull" market. Change your offset date to 100 and launch each chart. You will find that you won't get the short term increases that you are getting now. When ever I test a new scan I always look for all market conditions. Stocks do go up in a bear market, you just have to find them.

General Discussion · Big Charts Histograms
msg #26686
6/1/2003 5:54:03 AM

One thing I live by, "You will never buy at the bottom, and sell at the top" if you believe you can go to Vegas

General Discussion · Tools Of The Trade
msg #26588
5/23/2003 7:31:11 PM

I have nothing to do with Stockcharts. They have the best charts anywhere. Also, check out

P.S. I have no affiliation with them either

General Discussion · Tools Of The Trade
msg #26585
5/23/2003 6:07:05 PM

Try - The best for charts and gives Stockfetcher a run for it's money on stock scans, although I use Stockfetcher for it's ease of writing what I want to scan for. Check out the Public charts on for charting abilities

General Discussion · Naz vs nyse stocks
msg #26568
5/21/2003 2:34:45 PM

how do you word a search for AMEX stocks? It won't take; show stock where market is AMEX, please help.

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