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Announcements · StockFetcher Site Changes (beta)
msg #125090
9/19/2015 2:58:09 PM

Bring the backtesting back. Even though it was buggy it was a great tool for quickly evaluating strategies. I miss it.

This UI rewrite is a waste of time. Features are more important for this crowd.

General Discussion · The 5% Club
msg #85544
1/4/2010 10:59:38 PM

I've seen massive returns on short backtests. Beware! Make sure you are filtering stocks that can be short sold. My backtest numbers were nice but not in reality due to the inability to short the stocks in the filter.

Backtesting Support · How to exclude date ranges from backtest?
msg #68328
10/12/2008 1:51:50 PM

I'm backtesting a strategy based on market direction. I need to be able to backtest for the full two years and exclude a set of date ranges from the test.

Is this possible? If not, please add it. It would be a cool feature.


Filter Exchange · there is a way to basicaly never lose and win bigtime
msg #52193
6/13/2007 12:56:12 AM

Someone please ban MARY4MONEY...

Filter Exchange · How do you get multiple sectors? Any ideas?
msg #50920
4/7/2007 3:52:29 PM

Thanks guys, I'll give them a try!

Filter Exchange · How do you get multiple sectors? Any ideas?
msg #50867
4/4/2007 6:49:18 PM


I want to filter by multiple sectors like 'sector is financial or sector is utilities'. SF only returns matches in one sector.

Any suggestions for filtering on multiple sectors?


General Discussion · milking the credit card cows...
msg #47273
10/2/2006 1:38:13 PM

Does that not count as a cash transaction? Credit cards use different rates for cash. I hope they didn't sucker you into a high rate! If not, then that's a good deal. I was looking into the same thing but the fine print showed that the zero percent did not apply to cash advances.

General Discussion · Free Chart Program for Backtest CSVs
msg #37377
8/9/2005 3:27:27 AM

Hi All, This program creates nice chart from the backtest trades csv. The chart shows how the strategy would affect $10,000.00. It compounds it gains or losses. I quickly wrote it yesterday because I wanted to see a picture of the strategy. I'm more of a visual learner, i guess.

Enjoy, Steve

Backtesting Support · Add RSI of QQQQ to CSV?
msg #37346
8/7/2005 6:10:40 PM

I want to add the QQQQ's RSI to my trades CSV. I wanna see if the overbought indicator is affecting by returns. Also, I would like to add the QQQQ RSI(15) < 70 to my filter. Can I do any of this? Thanks guys, SF RULES!

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