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msg #137619
8/14/2017 11:31:18 AM


"I trust the 2nd filter more"....

Which is one is the "2nd" filter (the one you posted on 5/2/2016?)...


Stock Picks and Trading · StrataSearch --- Mind Blown!
msg #137613
8/14/2017 10:17:16 AM

Hey PT...IMHO...
1. SS needs to run on a good PC (RAM intensive). A cheap PC may not cut it if you want to use it while SS is running in the background.
2. SS allows you to build your own system; it can back test your variables and/or parameter variables
3. It has a scanner

As a newbie, I was able to build my first crude system and back test in less than 10min by following the video tutorials. However, the "lingo" to code isn't as simple as the ones in SF (for someone like me). The actual backtesting of it, however, took days (I have 8GB DDR3 running on 8 Cores at 3.5Ghz as a perspective).

I'm sure there are a lot more features in the program that I have yet to discover. It does require a lot of reading the manual as the tabs or buttons aren't as intuitive as the ones in SF. For example, when you want to create your own "watchlist", SS calls it "sectors" I think.

Impressive piece of software at a price you just cannot say no to! Thank you SS and thanks Kevin for bringing this up.

Hope that helps.

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137568
8/11/2017 12:28:21 PM

Ok...i'll bite! $77.50

YINN, INDL, LABU, PBYI, and MIDU on watch. Should I or should I not wait for it to go "red to green"....still the mind plays games.

XIV entry; didn't wait for it to go from "red" to "green". Then I checked the weekly chart after I placed the trade and I'm going ...uh oh....1/5 stream into the pot.

The logic (or lack of)...I would have thought the "news" would have shaken more from the tree...however, the market seems to be resilient. AAPL and FB barely gave any ground....

Trade is done; can't do anything about it now...just need to "manage" it.

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137518
8/10/2017 12:35:39 PM

Guess I spoke too soon!

Apparently the markets are rattled by the Trump vs N.Korea? DOW is currently down 162 (yawn).

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137465
8/8/2017 8:27:07 PM

Hmmm...LABU was going well and then....even the rest of the stocks I'm watching kinda reversed.

Market feels weird...almost as if it is waiting for an excuse to sell off hard.

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137375
8/5/2017 12:30:23 AM

picked up LABU

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137323
8/3/2017 1:38:23 PM

Thank you for the feedback!

In hindsight, my original plan was still valid in using ETFs in my trading portfolio. With the stocks I've mentioned, i was just wondering if there was a way to "enhance" Buy and Hold returns by trading in and out of core positions. Maybe it is just greed; I will leave that thought for now.

So far, 2 "learnings" hit me:
- FEAR (of losing or missing the run or being wrong) has been the driver of my decisions (hence, missing runs and entries). I have to figure out a way around this. So far, I think having a confidence in the plan (lacking back "testing" data) may help. More on that....
- One does not really know what happens next all the time every time after you take the trade. One can, however, limit loses by selling.

On the backtesting....Kevin, thank you for bringing up StrataSearch. Outside of SF, this is probably the best software out there that is free. I used to like Wealth-lab till it died. I've just downloaded it and it is currently running the "one click" % of perfect sim on a basket of securities. I started at 9:00 AM PST, I wonder how long it will take....LOL Hope Google doesn't screw up our ability to download data in the future!

KORU, GERN, LABU/XBI are on my watchlist.


Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137314
8/3/2017 11:05:51 AM

Earnings: to play or not to play....

Didn't trade the "plan" as I wasn't really sure what would happen during earnings season for the FANG stocks; the entries were there for the taking.

AAPL..reports a beat (yawn)

TSLA...what else is there to say? reports a huge loss but the future looks bright?

This was the trade I really wanted to take but was fearful about the earnings report and outlook (couldn't have been that bad with the 3 out right?) Hindsight is 20/20



I expected the losses; will continue. This would be a buying on "dips" for my non trading portfolio. Bezo is playing the long game


Cable cutting is for real.


Poor GOOG...


Now the good news is out there...what is next? hangover?

Still unsure about to trade or not to trade when you know earnings is about to come up or gap down.

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137049
7/27/2017 12:11:43 AM

Post mortems....

Sold too early...

Bailed correctly...

common denominator that lead to the decision? FEAR of losing money.

Hindsight:unless the position reverses EOD or the next day....don't sell right away!

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #137004
7/24/2017 10:54:34 AM

out of SCO, CLVS and GASX with minor flesh wounds!

Patience. patience....patience.

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