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General Discussion · Stop & Reverse...
msg #64758
7/6/2008 9:31:19 PM


Filter Exchange · How to filter out bull/bear markets?
msg #64702
7/4/2008 4:59:11 AM

As I understand you, you seem to already have what you are looking for.

Here is another simple example below:

When this code is included in any filter, if the stochs(39) of SPY is above 50 its value is 1 . When LONG = 1 "and" your filter conditions are met, stocks will be returned. Now , the trend is your friend and trade long.

When the stochs(39) of SPY is below 50 (LONG = 0) then dont make the long trades because the general market is falling. Or, trade short.

ma(50) and stochs(39) are two of many ways to do this. Maybe try ADX levels, parabolic sar crosses, ma crossovers etc....

IF you backtest, this can help you develop .... say a long strategy, that doesnt continue to take long trades during a market selloff (stochs(39) of SPY below 50) when the value of your "trend" is 0.

The date offset of 30 is required because of the condition "LONG is above 0" . LONG was above zero 30 days ago, .... today it isnt, so, nothing would be returned by your filter.

This could be tried as a simple "stop and reverse" method. Oh oh........there I said it !

Hope that helps.

Fetcher[set{LONG, count( ind(SPY, slow stochastics(39)) is above 50,1)}

LONG above 0
offset 30

Filter Exchange · How to filter out bull/bear markets?
msg #64687
7/3/2008 10:44:27 PM

Maybe something like this? Take away the offset 30 and you get no

Fetcher[set{SPYtest, count(ind(SPY,close) is above ind(SPY,MA(50)),1) }

SPYtest > 0
draw ma(50)

cog(5,2) crossed above 0

offset 30

msg #64632
7/2/2008 7:56:37 PM

CLF, ANR, WLT down almost 20% in a day. Whats up with that?

1) End of quater window dressing done?

2) 100k loss in NFP tommorrow . (more than expexted)Fed cant raise
rates in near future. Dollar bearish. Cant raise rates near term, there goes swifty, (inflation)

3) 40k loss in NFP , better than expected, dollar bullish, trash
commodities. Stocks rally?

4) Europeans raise rates? Dollar bearish , buy commodities.

5) The world doesnt need any fertilizer, coal, iron anymore ?

6) They were just overbought fool, buy'em here.

7) All the above

Whatch think? Falling knives. Yes. But am I the only one that wants to own these three.

Seems there was specific bad news today for coal and steel.

Filter Exchange · Help on a filter Please
msg #64592
7/1/2008 7:32:36 PM

Not sure if you want an "and" situation for a reversal type day?

Fetcher[set{Ta, count(close > open, 1)}
set{Tb, count(close < close yesterday, 1)}
set{Tc, count(low < low yesterday, 1)}
set{Tr3, Ta * Tb}
set{True, Tr3 * Tc}

volume > 800000
and True > 0
and price > 30
and add column True

General Discussion · How to make real money in the market:
msg #64480
6/29/2008 5:04:40 PM


General Discussion · How to make real money in the market:
msg #64463
6/29/2008 12:51:45 PM


General Discussion · How to make real money in the market:
msg #64438
6/28/2008 2:32:27 PM

From Mike T.

"Thank you for contributing to this thread.Its been not only educational,but very entertaining as well.Can anyone come up with a clickable filter for a stock making a new 6 month high w/25% higher volume than the previous day,must break upper bollinger band,avg vloume (30) above 200000,price between .20 and 12,w/one extra kicker,must not have made any other new 6 month highs within the last 6 months.This filter will possibly catch a stock like ROYL breaking out of a low level consolidation.I'm working on something and will be willing to share it with those who are interested.I really appreciate any help on this one.Thanks,Mike......."


Try this to get those 1st highs you are looking for

Fetcher[close reached a new 6 month high within the last 5 days

count(close reached a new 6 month high 5 days ago,60) equal 0

close between .5 and 12
avg vol(5) is above 200000
avg vol(5) is 100% above avg vol(30) 5 days ago

offset 27

General Discussion · Bull Flag
msg #64413
6/27/2008 3:26:34 PM

For whatever its worth. Some familiar names showing up on this sector
correction/rotation filter. Deja-vu all over again. Rotate into the banks and homebuilders. Ha! Not.

Fetcher[/*strong move up flagpole*/
count(close is above parabolic sar(.1,.01) ,20) > 12
close < parabolic sar(.1,.01)

/*pause, flag/pennant */
count(close < parabolic sar(.1,.01),5) > 2
close < parabolic sar(.1,.01)

/*strong trend*/
count(close is above ma(100),99) > 60

close > 20
avg vol(30) is above 500000

General Discussion · POST YOUR LIVE TRADES HERE!!
msg #64297
6/24/2008 5:02:30 PM

On a day like this, stops are indeed a beautiful thing!

Seems like the generals( fertilizer, coal, etc...) are being taken out to the woodshed. Bearish indeed.

Jp, I dont short stocks, but , maybe have a look at the ipo IPI. It has run up 50% in a few weeks and it aint no Potash Inc.

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