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General Discussion · Historical volatility
msg #65376
7/23/2008 8:44:56 PM

This may help you get started.

Day range could probably also be used instead of day change.
The choice of a 10 day custom MA is arbitrary here. This method selects many stocks that were not trading 250 days ago.

Anyway, requiring the 10 period MA to be less than 10 seems to eliminate the stocks that were not trading 250 days ago.

Fetcher[set{abs_day_change, abs(day change)}
cema(abs_day_change,10) 250 days ago is above 3
cema(abs_day_change,10) 250 days ago is below 10
close > 1
avg vol(90) above 1000000
add column cema(abs_day_change,10) 250 days ago

Filter Exchange · Need translation to SF filter for the sell short setup
msg #65216
7/19/2008 2:47:19 AM


If you have been using this site/ info...... Is the information current?


General Discussion · DBC
msg #65206
7/19/2008 12:07:05 AM


Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #65057
7/16/2008 8:18:34 PM

Wouldnt it be nice if the 1st data update was sooner, say, approx 20 minutes into the trading day. I would like to be able to screen for a NYSE 10:30 ish reversal. Lively stocks that already have a good "day range" even though only 30 or so minutes into the session, and, are "pulling back" to an area near the open or LOD for a potential, classic 10:30 reversal.

It would be easy to screen for this if the data were only 20 minutes delayed.

Filter Exchange · Mark Cook's cumulative tick indicator
msg #64933
7/12/2008 11:12:01 PM


General Discussion · pullback reversal
msg #64923
7/12/2008 5:32:21 PM

Another fine "cherry" picked example would be FRE on Friday.

Go to and look at the 1 day chart of FRE.

See the Support/ LOD retest/double bottom, holding at about $4.00 at about 10:40 AM. I would say that when it stopped going down and started going up on the 5 or 10 minute bar would be a good entry.
No one ever knows if it will hold or not.

I actually saw this live and didnt take it. Go figure!
I'm not a day trader , so, thats my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Filter Exchange · Mark Cook's cumulative tick indicator
msg #64918
7/12/2008 4:54:42 PM


General Discussion · Headline NEWS...
msg #64905
7/12/2008 10:51:50 AM


General Discussion · THE BOTTOM IS FINALLY HERE!
msg #64863
7/10/2008 9:08:58 PM

Doctor Riggs,

Maybe so, but dont you now feel that McFilthy and McNasty, those
Fannies and Freddies are gonna take this whole thing down another leg.
Personally, I want to pick up GM for a few bucks.

General Discussion · Headline NEWS...
msg #64823
7/9/2008 9:42:41 PM

What a joke this is. The plunge protection boys hard at work?

............From a reliable source...............

"First to the "great news" - Alcoa "beat" estimates - 66 cents versus 65 cents. So the seals cheer "better than expected". It's a joke. 90 days ago Alcoa was expected to do 77 cents, 60 days ago that was lowered to 75 cents, 30 days ago it was lowered to 73 cents, and JUST A WEEK AGO it was 68 cents. So they would of missed ALL these estimates. Only in the past few days (by miracle - not) the analysts were "guided" to push their numbers to 65 cents, and TA DA - we can have the seals crying with joy over the "better than expected" number. YEE HAW Cowboy."

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