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General Discussion · What is a good filter and how do we decide?
msg #26719
6/3/2003 1:28:35 PM

I doubt if there is any one filter, or "Holy Grail", that works all the time. I usually set my stop losses at about 8-10%, and watch the hourly bars. And have done quite well, with many of the filters.

If anyone can be of further help, please let's discuss it

General Discussion · low budget trading
msg #26705
6/2/2003 3:58:14 PM

Hi Noah,

This is a great filter, with some fantastic results. But it can be very volatile! Do have have any stop loss limits on your orders? If so, at what percent etc. Your idea of a self built mutual fund is great, and has worked very well too. Could you include more detail on the money management factor, to minimize losses.

Thanks in advance


General Discussion · Date Offsets??
msg #26629
5/27/2003 3:37:53 PM

What are date offsets, how do you use them, screening, backtesting. Please expalins. I'm new to this board. Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Filter Exchange · MACD fastline crossover and close above zero
msg #26525
5/16/2003 9:27:37 AM

This is a followup. I forgot to say, I get data back, but all of the data is a week or 2 old. I confirmed the age of the data returned with

thanx again

Ron Schiller

Filter Exchange · MACD fastline crossover and close above zero
msg #26523
5/15/2003 10:39:53 PM

Could anyone help me with the wording to help get the MACD fastline crossover above zero, from the previous day closing price. I'm new to this board/technical analysis, and really would appreciate any help anyone can give. Look forward to talking with you guys and making money!!


Ron Schiller

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