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General Discussion · Detective Work IV
msg #41229
2/15/2006 6:37:45 PM

SunPower Corporation (SPWR)

SunPower Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cypress, went public in November 2005 and is now an independent company listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol SPWR. Cypress continues to be SunPower's majority shareholder, with SunPower results consolidated in Cypress's results.

Revenue from SunPower was $29.3 million in the fourth quarter, up 33.8% from the prior quarter, exceeding our expectations. Demand for SunPower's high-efficiency solar products remained very strong; additional manufacturing capacity added during the quarter enabled revenue to grow. SunPower revenue amounted to 12.3% of Cypress's fourth-quarter revenue. Strong demand for solar products and the ramping of additional manufacturing capacity are expected to drive continued revenue growth in the first quarter.

SunPower posted a gross margin of 19.8% in the fourth quarter, compared with 18.1% in the third quarter. SunPower accounted for adjusted-GAAP earnings of $0.011 per share in the fourth quarter compared with break-even1 results in the third quarter. SunPower's contribution to earnings per share is expected to increase in the first quarter.

Fourth-quarter highlights include:

+ SunPower announced a $330 million supply contract with PowerLight Corp. Under the agreement, SunPower will provide custom-designed panels for use in PowerLight's SunTile™ roof-integrated solar system for new homes. Deliveries are expected to begin this year as SunPower ramps its manufacturing capacity. The contract extends through 2009.

+ SunPower introduced two new high-efficiency inverters. The products convert the direct current generated by solar panels into the AC current used in homes. Rated at 4,600 watts and 5,200 watts respectively, the new inverters target larger solar installations. Both inverters meet or exceed the highest efficiency rating in their class and carry a 10-year warranty.

+ A team of students from the University of Colorado won the 2005 Solar Decathlon, building a house on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. powered entirely by SunPower solar panels. The competition, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, challenged university students to design, build and operate the most attractive, effective and efficient solar-powered home.

Also, check this out....

General Discussion · Detective Work IV
msg #41228
2/15/2006 6:06:20 PM

Filter Exchange · Rounded bottom filter
msg #40966
2/4/2006 12:25:14 AM

Nikodude -

Lighten up! I'm just poking fun in this boring forum....

Filter Exchange · Rounded bottom filter
msg #40963
2/3/2006 11:48:12 PM

Did you see that "Niko?" He said "thanks for everything" but didn't even put a period at the end! He couldn't WAIT to cram his juvenile filter down your throat! That's like saying "thanx for everything, ah hem, you suck, but you still wanna buy some of my kids raffle tickets & candy?"

No more filters for you "updown!"


Filter Exchange · Thanks to DMA(28,-14) made 12K on SBUX!!
msg #40962
2/3/2006 11:34:24 PM


You crack me up! ROFLMAO! Why don't we ask "Tomb" or someone to post our "IP" addresses? Something tells me, not only are they different, but we(as214) are probably in different states even though you all would love for that to be true. LOL...How about it "tomb?" post those digits man!

as214 -

why are you not posting these filters you are using? Many of us including myself, have asked several times now. Can you at least express why you have not? Anyway, enough of the "thanks Riggs & TRO" posts until you can show us these actual advances. Fair enough? Good luck man.


Filter Exchange · Range Contraction/Expansion Filter
msg #40842
2/1/2006 12:51:07 AM


"I'll post more in depth soon..."


Why? You seem to be the only one interested....ROFL!!!!!


Filter Exchange · Rounded bottom filter
msg #40841
2/1/2006 12:46:47 AM

Hey updouwn -

I have to side with "nikochopen" here! Stop starting new threads until you FINISH your other ones! What do I mean "finish" them? How about popping in after someone helps you and say "THANK YOU" for heavens sakes! Or just say "that filter sucks!" SOMETHING, you know what I mean? And stop saying things like..."I'll tweak it later" or "Ive been searching for yada, yada yada," Because you aren't doing a damn thing but BEGGING for filters! So stop with the threads and START doing your OWN work! And if you are not able, then say "Thanks for the HARD work you guys put into that for me!" You know? Come on man, show some appreciation for this site....


Filter Exchange · help with ma cross over please
msg #40769
1/29/2006 1:18:30 AM

Mikocockpen -

That's good....I see(LICT)made it on your list. Nothing like simplicity at it's finest. ROFL!


Filter Exchange · help with ma cross over please
msg #40767
1/28/2006 10:50:55 PM

Try this one for size.....

Fetcher[show stocks where the 20 day slope of ma(5)
is < 0 and MA(5) crossed above MA(20)1 day ago
average volume(90)is above 300000
volume is above 300000
close is above 40
and date offset is 0


Filter Exchange · Heres a Penny stock filter that will blow your mind!!!
msg #40762
1/28/2006 7:07:23 PM

Fetcher[close 1 day ago is more then 3% below the open 1 days ago and close is more then 3% below the open
and close is below 3
and closed below lower bollinger band
and date offset is 15

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