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Filter Exchange · Breakout filter you may want to take a l@@k at.
msg #33073
8/31/2004 6:42:56 PM

I back tested this for a week now & the results are quite remarkable.

Show stocks where volume gained more than 50 percent over the last 1 day and average volume(90)is above 100,000 and MA(3)crossed above MA(8) 1 day ago and ADX(14)is above 20 and Linear Regression(10)slope crossed above 0 within the last day and close is between 30 and 100.

Now, with me being a newbi to this site, input & critics are welcome to add to this. **Riggs**

Filter Exchange · Where is Elder Rays Bull power/Bear power?
msg #33014
8/27/2004 1:47:05 AM

Thanks karennma, yes I also use as my primary & yes, it's hard to make heads or tales of the their bull power. If in fact YOU want to expierience bull power/bear power, go to but you probably already know that. Anyhoo, thanks for the FAST reply. **Riggs**

Filter Exchange · Where is Elder Rays Bull power/Bear power?
msg #32994
8/26/2004 4:39:50 AM

Well, thank god for Google other wise I may not have ever seen this INCREDIBLE site! This may be the BEST stock ciphering site I have ever seen. Also, I belong to numerous forums around the globe & I have never seen so many GENEROUS & HELPFUL men and women in my life! ok, I know, enough of the suckin'up.

With all the filters, indicators & oscillators generated here, where in the world is ELDER RAY'S (BULL POWER/BEAR POWER)? This is a huge part of my trading arsonol so can ANYBODY help in filtering or designing an indicator like or the same as the one I just mentioned? I did see the DI(14)difference but as all of you know it's just not the same. Many thanks, and to all of the pro's out there, thanks for all that you do. Where this site would be without you is beyond me **Riggs**

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