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Filter Exchange · GLD to SPY ratio
msg #97490
11/14/2010 7:47:58 PM

For glgene I would only add:

and draw r

then look at chart going out 2 years. A visual is always nice to look at.

Filter Exchange · GLD and SLV Extreme Bearing Engulfing
msg #96859
10/12/2010 3:06:57 AM

Might be time to look at ZSL

Filter Exchange · How to draw MA on ERSI(15,7)?
msg #91115
4/13/2010 12:27:28 AM

Anyone know how to draw a moving average on ERSI(15,7) where set{var1, day point range / 5}
I tried several different attempts but no luck.

General Discussion · Real Time Technical Indicator Level Alarm
msg #89899
3/19/2010 2:40:36 AM

Is there any Real Time Technical Indicator Level Alarm software/Platform that gives an Audible Alarm when levels of any technical indicator is hit? I am at this point only interested in the alarm.

Filter Exchange · top of market right now-- qld 98% qid 2%
msg #74939
6/2/2009 3:49:38 PM

Interesting, just got a signal on SCO today.

msg #73130
3/29/2009 3:00:48 AM

Is it possible to run a sceen that for any indicator that if Indicator is less than x amount for X days then give list?

Filter Exchange · average ma of Chande Momentum Oscillator
msg #69562
12/4/2008 5:41:07 PM

Any ideas how to do an moving average of the Chande Momentum Oscillator? Any help would be appreciated.

Filter Exchange · Real Time Trading Platforms/Software
msg #69404
11/26/2008 9:00:09 PM

Does anyone have any suggestions as to real time software/platforms to use/subscribe to once have picks for next couple days based upon technical analysis? I have several screens I use based upon and modified from the many contributors here at SF.

I am thinking Trade Station, but am open to suggestions. I am particularly intested in CMO & Full Stochastics based upon intraday data.


General Discussion · Have we truly bottomed?
msg #59193
1/21/2008 4:37:57 PM

after combing thru numerous charts, I would say unequivocally say .....
Tuesday is RALLY TIME!

I guess it all depends on what the Politbureau does. Oh, I am sorry, I was supposed to say the FED. I am sure the WORD will come down from on high and they shall be etched in stone from those who know more than us mere mortals.

Long live the FED, all hail the FED for they are most wise.

General Discussion · New Forum Post
msg #55559
10/6/2007 9:35:40 AM

Okay but if you have a $60 vs $7 stock and both drop 2 using this method, it is the $7 stock I am interested because in relation to the price it has the greatest distance between the 2 moving averages.

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