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Filter Exchange · Can someone build this filter
msg #100465
4/29/2011 7:30:06 AM

This what i have came up with but i cannot get any result from this filter, does anyone have a better ideal to find cycle lows or a better way to enter to a position.

set{v, avgvol(10) * 5}
volume > v

add column v

and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) is below 45
and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) has been increasing for 1 day
and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) 1 day ago was below the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) two days ago
and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) 1 day ago was below 30
and the MACD fast line(5,20) has been increasing for 1 day
and the weekly Stochastic %K(3,1,3) has been increasing for 1 day
and the weekly Stochastic %D(3,1,3) has been increasing for 1 day
and the weekly MACD fast line(3,10) has been increasing for 1 day

close is between 1 and 15

volume is above 300000
sort column 4 descending
chart-time 90-days

Draw MA(10)
Draw MA(30)

and add column rr

set{F000,count(Fibonacci Up(120,20) is near 0.000,1)}
set{F240,count(Fibonacci Up(120,20) is near 0.240,1)}
set{F382,count(Fibonacci Up(120,20) is near 0.382,1)}
set{F500,count(Fibonacci Up(120,20) is near 0.500,1)}
set{F618,count(Fibonacci Up(120,20) is near 0.618,1)}
set{F786,count(Fibonacci Up(120,20) is near 0.786,1)}
set{F1000,count(Fibonacci Up(120,20) is near 1.000,1)}

SET{VAR1,F000 + F240}
SET{VAR2,VAR1+ F382}
SET{VAR3,VAR2 + F500}
SET{VAR4,VAR3+ F618}
SET{VAR5,VAR4 + F786}
SET{VAR6,VAR5 + F1000}

set{F000D,count(Fibonacci DOWN(120,20) is near 0.000,1)}
set{F240D,count(Fibonacci DOWN(120,20) is near 0.240,1)}
set{F382D,count(Fibonacci DOWN(120,20) is near 0.382,1)}
set{F500D,count(Fibonacci DOWN(120,20) is near 0.500,1)}
set{F618D,count(Fibonacci DOWN(120,20) is near 0.618,1)}
set{F786D,count(Fibonacci DOWN(120,20) is near 0.786,1)}
set{F1000D,count(Fibonacci DOWN(120,20) is near 1.000,1)}

SET{VAR11,F000D + F240D}
SET{VAR12,VAR11+ F382D}
SET{VAR13,VAR12 + F500D}
SET{VAR14,VAR13+ F618D}
SET{VAR15,VAR14 + F786D}
SET{VAR16,VAR15 + F1000D}




add column weekly roc(1,1) {1 week % gain}
add column weekly roc(2,1) {2 week % gain}
add column weekly roc(3,1) {3 week % gain}
add column weekly roc(4,1) {4 week % gain}

Filter Exchange · add a column
msg #100382
4/23/2011 7:46:10 AM

Is there away to have a columns to tell you how much a stock or etf gain or loss by weeks. simply looking to make different columns for each week. ( 1 week - 4 week columns.)

Filter Exchange · Can someone build this filter
msg #100341
4/21/2011 12:47:09 AM

probablly simple if i know what i was doing....

I am looking to find stocks or ETF trading 5X there daily average volume...just that simple. If anyone can put this together i want tell you THANK YOU NOW!

Filter Exchange · THEE ABSOLUTE ((( BOTTOM ))) FILTER!
msg #100165
4/7/2011 9:10:44 AM

Hello SF,

I really like aspect of this filter, when you are calling this the TOP is that because of price pattern or the turn down of the incidators. What or is there a buyin signal in this filter.

General Discussion · I need help understanding ADX
msg #98774
1/28/2011 3:06:42 AM

Can you post the link you are referring to? To much mix information and i do not want train from some many different sources.

General Discussion · I need help understanding ADX
msg #98765
1/27/2011 2:42:27 AM

Thank you for putting me in the right direction!

Would ADX be consider a Leading or Lagging Indicator?

General Discussion · I need help understanding ADX
msg #98743
1/26/2011 12:26:19 AM

Hello, SF

I am trying to learn how to use ADX it seems to be pretty decent indicator. I have done some reading but i get lost with it. Some say just the value is what matters then, i have read the direction. What is it? Also, with training course i have order the training does not use this indicator. He also will not teach outside his method, does anyone know where i can get some training from on ADX indicator. I like what the trainer is giving me, i have became member for extra training but if the ADX measures strength i need to know how to use it correctly.

I am correctly not interest in DI+ and DI- simply because i like to add one thing at a time. I must keep thing simple, i think i need a strength indicator.

Filter Exchange · Looking to find markets in Downtrend
msg #98498
1/8/2011 8:11:20 AM

just want to say TY....that was the start i needed


buliding my first filter and just want to stay simple, have a lot more work to do!

Filter Exchange · Looking to find markets in Downtrend
msg #98459
1/6/2011 7:31:41 AM

Can anyway help me bulid this filter.

Trying to find securities that has been in a downtrend for an extend period of time. EXAMPLE SYMBOL (ZSL, TZA, SPXU)

Show where the MACD (5,20,30) Signal Line has been in increasing but PRICE is still decreasing or moving sideways.

Stochastic (5,3,2) is below 45

ADX between 15 - 30


What my plan is to starting looking for a entry after the first higher high and higher low on MACD. I only use one line for MACD, no crossover method.

I cannot consistely get a downward market when i scanning in my scan...most important is price in a long term trend down

Filter Exchange · Help with bulid Top and Bottom Filter
msg #96682
10/2/2010 1:57:59 AM

Can anyone provide me with direction how to bulid a filter that shows when a uptrend and downtrend is weaking, more of swing trader.

I am having a hard time even realizing when the top is near and bottoms losing position or profit on my securities. Seems like i am always a day off or 2 off either way.

Exhaustion is kill me, or get a good up move one day and try to see if will carry into the next day then it seem like everyone running for the border on and i left think what did i miss

If anyone have a prime setup or info that can lead me in the right direction, please post.



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