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General Discussion · News
msg #102286
8/16/2011 12:50:40 AM

k, just need to where they provide good info

General Discussion · News
msg #102267
8/15/2011 12:38:35 AM

Where are some good place to find out the news, especially about company's getting contracts, starting new projects etc. Basically how can regular person like myself find out good information before it hit the streets?

Filter Exchange · Anyone know how?
msg #102251
8/14/2011 3:06:02 AM

the whole purpose for me to find sideways moving price action or price in a tight window. Is for me to enter into a security during the accumulation phase, before the big move.

Filter Exchange · Anyone know how?
msg #102147
8/10/2011 3:48:08 AM

Does anyone know to bulid a filter that show price in a sideways market? very small range up or down.

Filter Exchange · No bottom feeding. Only breakouts
msg #101960
8/3/2011 7:15:20 AM

Would you take a trade using this filter after a parabolic surge or consecutive days down?

Filter Exchange · No bottom feeding. Only breakouts
msg #101750
7/21/2011 5:29:37 AM


Will explain how you to use your filter, with detail and what is PPT?

Filter Exchange · No bottom feeding. Only breakouts
msg #101747
7/21/2011 4:02:35 AM

what is PPT?

Filter Exchange · help me out
msg #101733
7/20/2011 12:33:23 PM


I have been trying to come with away to right a momentum filter, that indicates that momentum is shifting for the downside and maybe reversing. I use the MACD but looking at what SF offers does not help me. Then i do not know how to write a more efficient filter. I am looking for away to so stocks that are putting in a higher high and higher low on the MACD Histogram. if anyone has a clue on how to do this or how to find a shift in momentum, help me out.

thank you in advance!!%

Filter Exchange · Look at this 1!
msg #100563
5/5/2011 8:48:57 AM

Is there away to determne if correction phase is over inside any security? I seen this filter below but the orignal filter only brung up penny stock below .10. This filter needs something that determining that momentum to the downside is ending.


/* your filter code goes below this line */


sort column 4 descending

/* STOCK DASHBOARD DISPLAY for newbies and old pros */

set{E36b,days(ema(3) is above ema(6),100)}
set{E36a,days(ema(3) is below ema(6),100)}
set{E3xE6, E36a - E36b}

set{E50200b,days(ma(50) is above ma(200),100)}
set{E50200a,days(ma(50) is below ma(200),100)}
set{M50xM200, E50200a - E50200b}

set{E1326b,days(ema(13) is above ema(26),100)}
set{E1326a,days(ema(13) is below ema(26),100)}
set{E13xE26, E1326a - E1326b}

set{CCb,days(close is above close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CCa,days(close is below close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CxC, CCa - CCb}

set{E5b,days(close is above ema(5),100)}
set{E5a,days(close is below ema(5),100)}
set{CxE5, E5a - E5b}

set{E50b,days(close is above ma(50),100)}
set{E50a,days(close is below ma(50),100)}
set{CxM50, E50a - E50b}

set{E200b,days(close is above ma(200),100)}
set{E200a,days(close is below ma(200),100)}
set{CxM200, E200a - E200b}

set{T10, count(10 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T60, count(60 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T200, count(200 day slope of the close above 0,1)}

Set{a1, T200 * 1}
Set{a2, T60 * 10}
Set{a3, T10 * 100}

Set{aa, a1 + a2}
Set{TREND, aa + a3}

set{v, volume 1 day ago}
set{volinc, volume - v}
set{volpc, volinc / v}
set{volpct, volpc * 100}

set{VolZ, days(volume < 1,100)}
set{VolUp, days(volume is below volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolDn, days(volume is above volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolCnt, VolUp - VolDn}

set{vck1, volume 1 day ago }
set{vck, volume / vck1 }
set{vdbl, days(vck < 2, 100)}

set{PARBuy, count(close crossed above Parabolic SAR, 5) }
set{DMIBuy, count( di(14) Difference crossed above 0 , 5) }
set{DMIBuyX, count( di(14) Difference above 0 , 1) }

set{PARSell, count(close crossed below Parabolic SAR, 5) }
set{DMISell, count( di(14) Difference crossed below 0, 5) }
set{DMISellX, count( di(14) Difference below 0, 1) }

set{PARSBuy1, PARBuy * DMIBuy}
set{PARSBuy, PARSBuy1 * DMIBuyX}

set{PARSSell1, PARSell * DMISell}
set{PARSSell, PARSSell1 * DMISellX}

set{PARSTrade, PARSBuy + PARSSell}

set{HiOp, high - open}

set{WRb,days(Williams %R(10) is above Williams %R(10) 1 day ago,100)}
set{WRa,days(Williams %R(10) is below Williams %R(10) 1 day ago,100)}
set{WRxWR, WRa - WRb}

and add column VolCnt
and add column Vdbl
and add column volpct

and add column HiOp
and add column Trend

and add column CxC {CxC_}
and add column CxE5 {CxE5}

and add column E3xE6 {E3xE6}
and add column E13xE26 {E13xE26}

and add column CxM50
and add column CxM200
and add column M50xM200

add column rsi(2)
add column weekly rsi(2)

add column PARSBuy
add column PARSSell

add column WRxWR

and draw RSI(2)
and draw ema(5)

and draw Williams %R(10)

and draw Parabolic SAR
and draw +di(14)
and draw -di(14)
and draw adx(14)
and draw di(14) difference

chart-time 60-days

volume is above 1000000
close is above 1
sort column 4 ascending

Filter Exchange · TheRumpledOne...need cha
msg #100475
4/29/2011 11:44:28 AM


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