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General Discussion · Need Help Creating Filter Based on These Parameters
msg #148786
8/5/2019 8:12:43 AM

Hello Stockfetcher Community! In the past you have been super helpful offering me insight so I am hoping one of you kind souls can continue passing on the grace today...

Looking to create this filter:


Beta >0.75
Volume > 100,000
Market Cap > $2,000 M


In squeeze (BB 20, -2.0, -2.0, Simple)
Within 10% of 52 week highs
Moving Average Close is at least 0.1% below the 8 period Daily EMA
Moving Average Close is at least .1% above the 34 period Daily EMA


Any help here would be much appreciated....Thank you....

General Discussion · Rangebound Filter
msg #147448
4/18/2019 2:36:58 PM

Thank you all very much for this. I truly appreciate it!

General Discussion · Rangebound Filter
msg #147432
4/17/2019 1:58:22 PM

Hello Forum,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to create a filer to find stocks that have basically been flat or rangebound for a specified period of time.


I want stocks that have a price range of no more than 5% over the last 10+ trading days.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

General Discussion · RSI 10 (70/30)
msg #146422
2/3/2019 10:31:27 PM

Thank you four...I guess I didn't realize the large affect of the different average types...(wilders, simple, exponential, weighted)....the simple had it at 22 while the wilders indeed has it at 42.11....appreciate you pointing that out...

General Discussion · RSI 10 (70/30)
msg #146419
2/3/2019 5:05:21 PM

Hello Forum!

I am new to Stock Fetcher so I'm trying to figure out these codes.

Right now I have a stock, Foot Locker (FL) that I am monitoring closely for a pullback trade. Currently, the stock is at 22.6782 on the (RSI 10, 70/30) in my Think or Swim platform.

However, when I input the code below, the stock doesn't show up in the fetch, even though it is below 30.

[find stocks where the RSI(10) is below 30]

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here with my coding?

Thank you very much!

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