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General Discussion · Hello BES22
msg #49297
1/16/2007 9:16:09 AM

Hello Bes22,

Check out NR, got it off the Cello13 filter this morning. The filter can be found in the Filters Exchange Forum. Also, the bottom graph of the screen provides lots of detail to aid in decision making.


General Discussion · Hello BES22
msg #49328
1/17/2007 7:33:02 AM


Nope, it was definitely part of the filter in the morning screen. The first hump requires the 3 month setting to really see it. CNR is a two humper but it might be a good call.


General Discussion · JOKES
msg #48570
12/12/2006 8:18:34 AM

A man is standing over a gravestone crying and saying, 'if only you'd lived, if only you'd lived.' The gravedigger, feeling some level of compassion asked, 'is this your wife?' The man replied, 'no, it's my wifes first husband.'

General Discussion · JOKES
msg #48587
12/13/2006 1:31:32 PM

A man walks into a bar in Thibodau, Louisiana to have a drink. He sits next to a patron who introduces himself as Boudreau, Boudreau from Thibodaux.

They strike up a conversation and it becomes difficult for the man to believe that Boudreau knows all of the people he is talking about. The man challenges Boudreau to prove he knows all these people.

Boudreau asks the man to meet him at the bar next week at the same time and also to name someone he would like to meet. The man says that he would like to meet the Mayor of Thibodaux.

The next week they meet and sure enough Boudreau takes the man to meet the Honorable Mayor. The man tells Boudreau that this was an easy challenge and suggested something more difficult. Boudreau agrees and the man now wants to meet The President, George W. Bush. Boudreau sighs and tells the man to bring an overnight bag and meet him at Louie Armstong airport at the Delta ticket counter same time next week.

Sure enough they are both at the airport. They fly to Washington, DC to meet the President. When they get to the White House the guard tells them that an emergency meeting has been called and the President has asked not to be distrubed. The man says I new it, you don't know the Preisdent. Boud says wait a minute, I told you I'd introduce you to the President, didn't I? So they walk along the fence and Boud sees the President through a window. He starts to try to get the President's attention and finally he does. George has one of the Seceret Service Agents open the window and yells, "Hey Boudreau, come on around, I'll let you in, I'm sure Laura wants to say hi." So they go in.

On the flight back, the man says, "I can see how you might know The President, Louisiana snd Texas are right next to each other, how about a tougher challenge?" At this point Boudreau is getting a little annoyed but agrees to another challenge. The man wants to meet the POPE.

The next week they go to the Vatican and the square is filled with people. Boudreau tells the man, "wait here, after the fiasco with the guard at the White House, I want to prevent another confusing episode." So the man waits in the square with thousands of people who are waiting for the POPE to make an appearance. A few minutes pass and the crowd breaks into a roar. There is Boudreau standing next to the Holy Pontiff on a balcony. The man taps a kid on the shoulder and ask, "who is the man on the balcony?" The kid replies, "I'm not sure who the guy with hat is but the other one is Boudreau from Thibodaux."

General Discussion · Long consolidation.........
msg #48614
12/14/2006 11:38:41 AM

TRO provided a filter several days ago that might get you started. Just look for the thread labeled 'rounded bottom.'

Seasons Greetings to all.

General Discussion · Looking for a good SHORT screen ... HELP !
msg #48669
12/16/2006 9:34:43 PM

Would the MACD cross work here? Also the TRIX peaking at the same time as the MACD seems to be reasonable indicators to guesstimate pullbacks.

General Discussion · my holygrail
msg #48732
12/21/2006 7:41:34 AM

More food for thought.

General Discussion · OT: Stock symbol for Samsung
msg #48785
12/27/2006 1:00:16 PM

Try SSNLF.PK, an article on Samsung from Trading Markets mentions dram so its probably the one you are looking for. If not try the foreign exchanges. Samsung is a major component in most South Korean etf/funds so it could be another way to play it.

General Discussion · Rounded bottom
msg #48448
12/7/2006 6:44:22 PM

So far, I have traded stocks recommended by the market guru including Motley Fool, Gorilla Trade, IBD and Vector Vest. The results overall have been less than stellar. There is a set of trading rules from MetaTrade that have been helpful but for me its best to keep the process straight forward and simple.

I have had success trading what we call 'clock stocks.' These are stocks that have dropped in price and are on their way up. Generally, these stocks have RSIs, Full Stochastics and MACDs below 25. The premise here is that the bad news is out of the stock and management is taking action to improve the bottom line even if its rounded.

In studying these stocks, the infamous 'rounded bottom' seemed to provide the best returns over several months. The other issue is that not all 'round bottoms' reach the previously mentioned criteria indicating that a more comprehensive method is needed to screen for this pattern. Also, when the 'Fast Money' guys mentioned the 'rounded bottom' thing several times, it added credence to the method which has significantly outpaced the market.

By the way, it also pays to apply fundamentals before buying any stock. This is especially true when dealing with 'clock stocks.' So the buy low sell high rule might better be said as buy low, buy value then sell high. This usually keeps me on the plus side.

Your recommendations and methods have been very helpful and given time, I will try some of the suggestions. If several of you are interested, we can track the different methods to see how they work over time. And TRO, I like the recommendation of trading just one stock for a month before jumping in and trading. Thanks again.

General Discussion · Rounded bottom
msg #48456
12/8/2006 8:27:07 AM

Oh, oldfox of eternal wisdom, please impart your experience and knowledge upon this meer mortal.

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