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Filter Exchange · adx and DI scans
msg #30559
1/10/2004 11:43:02 AM

Anyone willing to share their more successful ADX and DI scans? I am currently testing 6-7 different scans over a two week time frame and will be happy to share any successful ones with you.

General Discussion · A Challenge ... the actual selections ...the best you can offer
msg #27608
7/29/2003 11:21:41 AM

Unfortunately mine didn't give a buy today but will take you up on the challenge when it does. My last 5 were are
TRPH in 1.25 out 1.49 next day
DTMG IN .18 OUT .18 5 DAYS
UDW in .23 out .35 3 days
ATML in 3.17 still holding
TE in 12.52 out 12.38 3 days
These did not come from a StockFetcher screen. I am recent to Stockfetcher and still looking for that one special screen. So far I have had my best results from MACD and RSI screens in very oversold conditions, cutting losses quickly and letting profits run. By the way the reason I gave last 5 was I hadn't used this tool in over a month. These are the only 5 I have used with current settings on my tool. I wasn't cherry picking. I checked out the chart on INET and believe it could come down a little more. If I entered a position I would only go in with half my usual investment anticipating I may average down because MACD and RSI are not yet in very oversold condition but getting there..

Filter Exchange · Help with Volume
msg #27561
7/25/2003 7:01:15 AM

I am convinced it is as simple as Supply and Demand. But what is the best way to measure Supply and Demand, my guess is Volume. Anyone have reasonable success with a Volume scan you are willing to share? I would like to paper trade it for a month. Thanks in advance.

General Discussion · MA turning up
msg #27265
7/8/2003 5:33:01 PM

I use a 10/30 day MA. I would like to set up a screen that will show me when the 10 MA has formed somewhat of a saucer bottom and starts to turn up. I am new and perhaps don't know the lingo for such. I have tried several different verbages but none give me what I am seeking. I'm not married to the 10 MA if you have such a screen with a different MA and it works fine with me. Thanks for any help.

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