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Stock Picks and Trading · No B.S. MONEY MAKING STOCK PICKS
msg #128812
5/28/2016 5:02:27 PM

If you got in before the big bounce, GREAT. Both charts look very good with my four Indicators, definitely hold for now, but could change tomorrow.

General Discussion · Filter for Williams %R
msg #128811
5/28/2016 4:26:08 PM

I don't scan for SAR. Simply use it on Stockcharts. I assume if it has given a very recent buy signal that it is probably good for a 7-10 day run before it will signal a sell. Posters above this have given you much better choice for information than I can. I don't necessarily use it for selling either. Not recommending it for others but I sell if I reach a 3% loss on my original investment. That is because I have failed to "cut my losses" on TOO many occasions. I can always re-enter a position if appropriate. If I am posting a profit, I watch several Indicators to decide when to take my profit. SAR just helps me decide among several different W%R buy signals. By the way, I said it works best in a bull market, DUH. I have over 90 scans, but W%R and Directional Index outperform all the others for both percentage of winners and largest percentage gains. Others have very good scans, these just work for me and my style and you asked specifically about W%R. GOOD LUCK .

General Discussion · Filter for Williams %R
msg #128806
5/28/2016 11:17:44 AM

I use
Williams%R (30) has been above -20 for the past 3 days
and price is between 7 and 13
and Williams%R(30) is above -20
and volume is over 300,000
and stock is not ETF

This has performed very well in market bullish trends, one week, two weeks and one month
It works well with all prices but I find more higher percentage gains in these price ranges.
There seems to be some positive correlation with stocks who have declined in price the previous day.
The W%R(30) comes from Big Trends, they have a complete trading strategy.
If you combine this with stocks who have very recently given a Parabolic SAR Buy signal, it works very well
I also use directional Index as a Confirmation.signal

Filter Exchange · Here is another filter on Momentum
msg #128694
5/25/2016 10:39:33 AM

Great results looking back one week, not as good at two weeks.

msg #128650
5/23/2016 3:02:33 PM

KEY today at 12.50
WPX today at 9.80

General Discussion · A little more about me ...
msg #128520
5/17/2016 4:01:27 PM

Hi all, I am Papagatorga. 80 years old. Retired military. Spent 10 years as Stockbroker with discount firm during the 80's. Have been searching for the Holy Grail for many years. Been on SF a long time and really enjoy the Forums. Call myself a swing trader, 1-4 weeks. Too often have not cut my losses and paid dearly. If I have any advice, that would be it, cut your losses. Currently I do almost all my trading with Williams%R(30).
Past results for 5-30 days have been very good in bullish times. I use Directional Index as a sort of confirmation or second signal. Like W%R past results have been very good in bullish periods, but not quite as good. I really appreciate the knowledgeable people on here who contribute so much. .I don't take credit
for W%R. I got it from Big Trends. My best to all of you.

Filter Exchange · Shills ultimate $1 Filter
msg #128318
5/4/2016 5:39:54 PM

Interesting, I use 4 Indicators and all 4 are SELL today.

General Discussion · Thoughts on whether 2 day market correction will continue this week??
msg #128317
5/4/2016 5:33:37 PM

Look at QLD and QID. I have a Williams%R scan that has been very positive. My scan from last Wed (one week) reflects all 25 stocks on first page as LOSERS. Am buying EUM and EEV.

Filter Exchange · Shills ultimate $1 Filter
msg #128266
5/1/2016 12:18:59 PM

Like someone said above, almost never get any results with the filter.

General Discussion · Filter not working
msg #126420
12/11/2015 4:34:21 PM

Williams%R(20) is above -20
and chart is weekly
and stock is optionable

Results do not show stocks above -20

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