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General Discussion · Premarket Volume
msg #30730
1/20/2004 10:06:37 PM

Good day all, I asked this question on some boards and not many responses, so here goes....

In setting up my tracker for the picks for the day, Iíve noticed premarket activity and volume. In the past few days, the volumes on several have taken off prior to open, and then after open the price jumped up. The move up
continues or drops, but in each of my observations lately, it has gone
at least 3 and some as high as 11%.

The set up I saw and maybe didnít know what I was looking at: A. A pick from my filters [that is, ready to jump up] B. premarket last trade above previous close, C) lots of volume and D) the key maybe, a huge amount of bids
just below the last trade. In the few Iíve seen this week the bids
ranged 1-10 cents below the last, and the volumes were as high as 50k
shares (on my yahoo tracker Ė it may have been even higher on a more
powerful tracker). Twice, I set a buy limit at the low end of that
grouping, twice it hit, and twice I nabbed some neat gains. Fun
thought is, there were more examples I couldíve done this on.

The question Ė am I seeing this right? It almost seems like the last
trade is a dam ready to burst with all sorts of bids / volume just
below Ė i.e. lots of people thinking the stock is headed up? And my
impression with those honorable market makers is they would never give
up the commissions of all those shares, right?

Any perspective would be helpful.

Thanks, Stephen

General Discussion · Do your DD
msg #29243
10/10/2003 7:25:05 AM

EWZuber - I ain't sayin nutin'! :)

Take care,


General Discussion · Do your DD
msg #29222
10/9/2003 10:22:51 PM

EWZuber - regarding the day trades per week rule you mentioned. I'm new to this but think I've learned something, maybe you can confirm. I've started with a cash account - not margin. I've read quite a few rule interpretations and the actual rule itself and they all talk about margin accounts. As I don't have a margin account, I'm assuming that I can go in and out as I wish since I'm risking only money I have - and I'm not allowed to short. I just started cash trading this week and have met the limit already without issue.

It this the way you understand it? Do you have margin or cash account? I'm thinking, if I'm right, and you have a margin account, maybe you should open another account, stay cash only and enjoy the "freedom" till you recover - and no doubt you will recover. I can only read about half your posts before my head hurts! Between you, Avery, Muddy, Todd, Jon, D-Murk, and the cast of Muddies, I'm not sure how I could be learning more!


General Discussion · MB Trading / Quotetracker
msg #28685
9/19/2003 12:13:54 PM

I believe I heard Scot and QT are not in the mood to talk to one another. You wish to changing one of them to get them to talk to each other.

General Discussion · MB Trading / Quotetracker
msg #28638
9/17/2003 3:52:54 PM

Yes, I called them - the ports they use must be opened, and QT does that. Unfortunately, my computer goes through the firewall, and I cannot. Does anyone know a work around for this perhaps?


General Discussion · MB Trading / Quotetracker
msg #28588
9/15/2003 1:38:07 PM

I'm considering MB trading as a broker, but I cannot connect to them through work due to security system / ports. I know MB supports MVQuotetracker - does anyone know how that would work? Would QT offer a way to get to MD without the port issue? Does QT act just like a website or does it act like the MB trading software? Thanks, Stephen

General Discussion · Buy/Sell at Market or Limit?
msg #28380
9/6/2003 9:51:29 PM

All, thanks for the input / comments. Lots to learn here - like just how big is too big? I've been trying to stick with picks that have quite a few for this very reason. Some days however, the lower volume stocks are the few that pop up on my filters. I'll have to put some more checks in my "pre-flight" system!

thanks again,


General Discussion · Buy/Sell at Market or Limit?
msg #28360
9/5/2003 9:41:51 PM

Does this happen a lot - not completing orders? Was there something unusual about lot size? Did the limit just hit, or did the price go fast by it?



General Discussion · Another Broker Question
msg #27735
8/10/2003 1:46:01 PM

As I prepare to go live..... Some brokers have set fees of x per share, plus routing fees. They sometimes have a dozen options. Others list no routing fees nor options. I suspect they all have fees, some are just included. The question - how can some not let you pick, and others "make" you pick a routing? Some of this seems complicated - depending on NYSE or Nasdaq, etc. Is there a way to simplify this, or would I just pick a broker that doesn't give me a choice?


General Discussion · Shorting as a way of life
msg #27680
8/4/2003 10:51:59 PM

X - thanks for taking time to respond and your perspective. What I am about to say I say with a smile on my face and actually laughing - is this a joke???!! I opened your filter and back tested for 20, 19, 18, 11, etc. days and this looks like one the best short term long filters I've seen in a long time? :)

Am I doing something wrong?


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