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Filter Exchange · recos right now
msg #108188
9/26/2012 6:37:24 PM

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msg #108180
- Ignore optionplayer333 9/26/2012 12:16:19 PM

it is earlier than usuall but we hit the daily bottom on the spy rsi 2 @ 0.51 today and a high on the sds of 99.55%
weekly call recos
oct *PUTS* 8.00 MCP121020P00008000 ->0.05
oct *PUTS* 9.00 MCP121020P00009000 ->0.09
144@ 0.39
144.5@ 0.22

Filter Exchange · killer plays> weekly spy 146.50 call for 0.13 and 147 call for 0.06 right now
msg #108135
9/20/2012 7:30:58 PM

ok...this time ..ur 'cry wolf strategy' might work :-)

General Discussion · Help a newbie out with a DeMarker II Filter?
msg #107464
8/8/2012 11:29:24 AM

8/7/2012 8:57:11 AM
What drew my attention in your code was the first line - if you are not familiar with some of the work done by *Chetron* here in these forums (someone from whom I learned most of what I know about SF coding) then you should review some of his work.

*Chet* used to add a specific descriptor at the start of many of his filters, so that he could quickly search and find them if needed. He was also Canadian
---->was about to sign off...but if true: welcome back :-)

General Discussion · Swing Trading Ideas and methods
msg #107036
7/14/2012 5:53:27 AM

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msg #107034
- Ignore Eman93 7/13/2012 6:07:28 PM

FWIW.......... My market timing filter triggered SSO as a buy yesterday... I sent it to you JP didnt I... do you even use it?
-p--->'market timing filter?' is this on your thread?

Filter Exchange · cci and macd
msg #106097
5/4/2012 1:41:06 AM


General Discussion · Any sugestions on the stated news release....
msg #102446
8/24/2011 4:49:29 PM

Meanwhile, the Company wishes to announce that it has re-allocated 1,765,000 stock options granted to directors, officers, employees and consultants of the Company as disclosed in its press release dated August 5, 2011. As a result of the re-allocation, only 1,500,000 stock options are being granted by the Company. The options are exercisable for a period of five years at a price of $0.50 per share, subject to regulatory approval.

...?would this be considered bullish or bearish?

General Discussion · Experiment - shorted just before close (criteria:open was high of day)
msg #102235
8/13/2011 11:11:48 AM

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msg #102221
- Ignore four
modified 8/12/2011 9:18:59 PM

Experiment - shorted just before close (criteria:open was high of day)


Open equals High today

set{v, count(high > open,1)} and add column v < 1

In case your curious...

Open less than High today

set{v, count(high > open,1)} and add column v > 0

>>>>nice one Four.... gonna play with this on monday

Open equals High today

set{v, count(high > open,1)} and add column v < 1

volume > 1000000


volume < volume 1 day ago

(....have you tried open GAPS UP then short when reverses...)

Filter Exchange · TOPS....
msg #102119
8/9/2011 12:53:28 PM

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msg #101522
- Ignore johnpaulca 7/9/2011 1:21:02 AM

This thread will be dedicated to top pickers. You're welcome to discuss ideas or simply post charts, filters etc
>>>johnpaulca:: if possible i would like to email you regarding a chart:: mystiq68 at yahoo .thx

Filter Exchange · Extreme Bottom
msg #101888
7/30/2011 8:15:35 PM

..the ignore button is a god-send.....

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · earnings icon
msg #101156
6/10/2011 5:10:30 AM

...would be nice to see an "icon/image/mark/display.." to show PAST earnings DATES on CHARTS

for example; "draw earnings" for last 2 years....

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