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11/4/2017 8:11:53 PM


This scan is amazing. I found this post when looking for a way to find more stocks reaching 52-highs with 300% more than average volume(60).

Thank you so much for posting this filter.

General Discussion · Please Help: Trading End of Day Charts
msg #136678
7/8/2017 11:52:02 AM


Hopefully, paper trading will help me detect where I need to optimize.

Thanks for giving me something to consider.

I see Stratasearch has a free trial, so I'm going to check it out.

General Discussion · Please Help: Trading End of Day Charts
msg #136654
7/6/2017 8:15:44 PM


As usual, your insight is inspiring. And, I'll check out the link you posted.

I'm going to start paper trading my day trading setup on the daily calendar.


General Discussion · Please Help: Trading End of Day Charts
msg #136635
7/5/2017 5:50:00 PM


I'm in a situation where I need to switch from day trading to end-of-day trading (EODT)

Does anyone have any links I can use as a reference?

I tried searching on sites, but haven't found anything step-by-step.or some type of process flow. Instead, they'll only say how great EODT is and give reasons why I should do it.

Thanks for your time.

General Discussion · positive returns
msg #121435
9/4/2014 8:03:05 AM

You both gave me something to consider. Thank you Marine2 and Jemarcks.


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msg #121407
- Ignore marine2

8/28/2014 2:26:52 PM

Because the backtesting mechanism has many variables you can choose from picking the right ones for your specific filter does affect its results. Try testing those variables and settle in on just the right mix to help give you the better results you are yearning for. Happy investing and good luck!

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msg #121408
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8/28/2014 5:00:22 PM

Use Stratasearch for back testing.

General Discussion · positive returns
msg #121399
8/27/2014 7:10:16 PM

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8/20/2014 10:33:24 AM

Hi folks,I do various backtests on my strategies ie.macd bullish,bearish...stochastics bullish,bearish and many more but when I backtest them I am losing money.Does anyone have a positve return on a strategy when backtested.I appreciate you dont want to share a winner,but maybe you will give a hint.many thanks

Hi Adrian,

Success with automatic bactesting still eludes me, but using date offset on my screens allows me to see how stocks typically behave when my criteria is met.

So far, the TRO scans have been nice work horses for me. I just learned of scans by miketranz that are generating nice returns too. You can run a search for TheRumpledOne (or TRO) and miketranz to see the scans.

Actually, the forum is littered with a treasure trove of winning filters by many, but bactesting will show they suck. I guess what I am trying to say is...."don't let backtesting be your sole source of determining if a filter works." I know a lot of people who have 80% screens, but can't generate those returns when they live trade.

Happy Trading!

Filter Exchange · A filter to manage the amount that you risk in each trade
msg #121396
8/26/2014 7:36:06 PM

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- Ignore Caspian101

8/25/2014 4:16:19 PM

An important part of being a successful trader is not risking too much of your portfolio on any one transaction. A rule of thumb that I have seen is don't stand to lose any more than 2% of your overall portfolio value on a trade.

That's an interesting filter. Thanks for posting it.

General Discussion · Please Help: Penny Stocks before the Parabola?
msg #121389
8/24/2014 7:40:56 PM


Wow! That is one of the best scans I've seen.


General Discussion · Please Help: Penny Stocks before the Parabola?
msg #121387
8/23/2014 10:47:30 PM

Thank you to anyone who at least considered the question I posed a couple days ago. I think I am getting close with the following scan.

MA(1) crossed above ma(6)
and volume gained 500%
dollar volume above 1000000
market cap between 5 and 2000

When performing a date offset by a month, I can see that a nice bump in price eventually followed -- especially after a dip.

Happy Scanning

General Discussion · Please Help: Penny Stocks before the Parabola?
msg #121373
8/21/2014 6:33:27 PM

I am trying to find stocks like WTER,EPGL, OR UDHI before they climb.

I tried to show stocks where

1. price and volume are increasing
2. volume above volume(30)
3. price and volume reach new 1 month high

Muddy's ma(10) crossing above ma(60) helps, but am unable to set the scan up to include volume BEFORE the price goes through the roof.

Unfortunately, I am only able to find the stocks either at the height of the parabola or a the base after the parabola ends.

I would appreciate someone's help.


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