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General Discussion · Linux Users
msg #32080
5/13/2004 8:18:48 PM

Hi yepher,

I'm not a programmer, so I really can't tell you which programming language in now in vogue with Mac software developers. I can just tell you which programs us end users hate to use. And those tend to be JAVA based. :)

I do sometimes visit this site ( and know that some of the people there do Mac programing. You might want to post this question there. (Or here:


General Discussion · Linux Users
msg #32074
5/13/2004 5:37:47 PM


Q. What's the maximum number of indicators that can be charted using SF pro? Right now, I can squeeze 11 on the flash based charts. Can SF pro draw more? (Ignorant Mac user asking).

Glad to hear a Mac solution is in the works. But please avoid JAVA. We mac users hate it.

Filter Exchange · [Help] _ In need of algorithm(s):
msg #31955
5/2/2004 7:28:07 PM

I tink me see a bullish gartley in here: LNUX. what you tink willis?! :P



Filter Exchange · [Help] _ In need of algorithm(s):
msg #31830
4/21/2004 9:01:42 PM


Still scratching me head.. :)
I'll figure it out. Sooner or later. :P

Thanks for all your help buddy.


Filter Exchange · [Help] _ In need of algorithm(s):
msg #31810
4/20/2004 6:32:04 PM

hi travlr,

thanks for the reply.

i do have the fib retracement zones set up. my chart is set to a 4 month period, so more often then not i would miss the full pattern. what i really want to do is have SF recognize the patterns (draw them) or have a filter set up to catch potential candidates.

maybe you can still help me:
if you look at the link i provided ( they give the fib ratios of x->a, x->b, and x->d, but not x->c. i was never good at trigonometry (or any kind of math for that matter), so if "we" :) could figure the ratio of x->c in the diff patterns that'd be of real help.


Filter Exchange · [Help] _ In need of algorithm(s):
msg #31799
4/19/2004 2:08:08 PM

I'd like SF to scan for stocks based on these Fibonacci price ratio pattern criteria:

Anyone have an idea as to how to approach this?

General Discussion · Price And Volume / Supply And Demand
msg #31408
3/14/2004 10:40:27 PM

Anyone care to summarize them pdf rules? :P

General Discussion · Expansion Breakout
msg #31102
2/15/2004 11:47:50 PM

Why not post them?

I'd be interested in having a look at them. I'm sure others as well.

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up
msg #30668
1/15/2004 4:50:22 PM


That was me. And I think I did say me sold AAPL on friday. :)

Filter Exchange · mika's Big MACD filter
msg #30612
1/12/2004 9:31:59 PM

Hi Ron.

I would try multiple variations on the theme:

MACD(2,7,4) crossed above 0.01
MACD(2,7,4) is between -0.01 and 0.01
MACD(2,7,4) crossed above -0.01 from below


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