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Public Filter List · Trying to build a reversal filter
msg #77364
8/7/2009 1:32:16 PM

Guys, could I get your help with this one?

I've tried the filter builder and I'm just not giving consistent results.

How can I express

EMA has turned up/down today/yesterday


Filter Exchange · Filter question....
msg #75175
6/8/2009 8:56:19 AM

The "Run Forest Run Filter" is designed to do something to that effect. Check out that thread.

Announcements · New Feature: Fibonacci Retracements
msg #74936
6/2/2009 3:21:16 PM

My question is the same. Can anybody tell me how to apply fibonacci retracements (lines) to the symbol of my choice?

Filter Exchange · WSE Fibonacci CCI
msg #74818
5/29/2009 4:28:55 AM

THis is a variation on Chetrons' Fib retrace code.

I added:

1. Slow stochastics increasing over 2 days

2. OBV increasining over 2 days

3. 3xcci increasing for the last 2 days.

Does anyone have any suggestions to more acccuratly illustrate a change in direction or strength in trend?

On the original post, the buy signals were said to be -200. I don't get that. I see quite a few that show -400 and more. When I examine the stock the other technicals don't look good for a long position. Also , I see a lot of divergences that would probably get past me on the fly (yes, I'm new).

Just looking a t the charts it seems buying or shorting should be accomplished around the zero line (depending on other variables).

All the chatter aside.

Quick Robin, to the backtest!!,

to back test I added " buy when the 3xcci crosses above the zero line"

It's testing pretty well. I test over 3 and 4 month periods with a ROI of 30 to 40 %

For exits:

price is 20% over ma (20)

bearish egulfing candle

hanging man candle.

Looking at the time periods, i think it could be optimized further. Right now it's leaving a lot on the table.

I am looking especially for exit suggestions pertaining to this filter. Thanks again!

set{var1,cci(8) + cci(13)}
set{var2,var1 + cci(21)}
set{3xcci,var2 / 3}

draw var2
draw 3xcci

add column 3xcci

Show stocks where the 3xcci has been increasing over the last 2 days and
Slow Stochastic(8,5) Fast %K has been increasing over the last 2 days and
OBV has been increasing over the last 2 days

close above .2
volume above 500000
sort column 5 ascending


Filter Exchange · WSE Fibonacci CCI
msg #74763
5/27/2009 7:55:08 AM

I think I got it . Nice work

Filter Exchange · WSE Fibonacci CCI
msg #74761
5/27/2009 7:49:07 AM

Chetron, I been reading your posts . You are awesome at writing these filters. I am pretty new to this: What exactly does this filter show me. I'm seeing large gains in a day or three. But what are the green, red and yellow lights?

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