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General Discussion · What are the best Hannibus / Hemp Stocks?
msg #149981
12/23/2019 2:38:16 AM

Snappyfrog, thank you very much in providing me with these companies. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Filter Exchange · Cannabis Stock Filter?
msg #149979
12/23/2019 2:35:43 AM

Xarlor, thank you very much in providing me these stock symbols. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Filter Exchange · Cannabis Stock Filter?
msg #149965
12/21/2019 7:48:17 PM

Can we write up a filter to capture Cannabis Stocks?

General Discussion · What are the best Hannibus / Hemp Stocks?
msg #149964
12/21/2019 6:55:43 PM

What are the best Cannibis / Hemp stocks out there for us to track and invest in.

General Discussion · Cheniere Energy
msg #148489
7/13/2019 12:08:55 AM

Mac, thank you.

General Discussion · Cheniere Energy
msg #148487
7/12/2019 11:25:54 PM

Does anyone know what happened to Cheniere Energy, with symbol CQH? The stock price for CQH shows 0. Did they get bought up by another company or what?

General Discussion · President Trump speaks in code ...
msg #147766
5/10/2019 3:30:37 PM

In the end game, expect a nice positive bounce in our markets. This gamesmanship will work to our favor for our nations future. Just be patient.

General Discussion · Outrage as Sears cancels life insurance benefits for up to 90,000 retirees
msg #147152
3/30/2019 12:17:37 PM

GM did that to their salary employees as well. They reduced it from 2X’s then 1X’s our pay then cut it to $10,000. And changed the salary employees healthcare insurance significantly (anyone less than 65 years of age). After a salary person retired and was over 65, once you went on Medicare Insurance, they would pay our secondary insurance. They took that away.

When a company goes into financial distress lots of things you were getting is then subject to change. They put this in fine writing that many times most either ignore or don’t catch.

GM’s hourly force however was protected by their unions while the salary force was very vulnerable.

General Discussion · Spike
msg #147053
3/23/2019 2:27:01 PM

That’s what day trading is all about finding a filter to catch the spike then sell thereafter within that day. Lots of day trading filters have been written in here and in books, etc. This person needs to research what’s been created, use one of them or tweek it a little bit to get them in the game of catching the pop upward. Research, research, research, test, test, test. Then let us know how successful you are. We love positive stories.

General Discussion · ATTENTION EVERYONE!!
msg #145810
1/1/2019 2:37:40 AM

Sarcasm aside, we are all screwed trying to find a decent filter to use when robotic programs are currently controlling the stock markets. Until the leaders of our exchanges find ways to subdue these unleashed programs built to respond to sudden changes to the market created by who and whatever we as individual investors and traders are screwed. If it continues like it has recently, we all might as well play the momentum changes and cross our fingers or put our income in a cash account and be happy.

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