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General Discussion · 5G Stocks
msg #150053
12/31/2019 2:29:16 AM

Thankyou so much

General Discussion · 5G Stocks
msg #150020
12/25/2019 7:18:35 PM

Hello Experts .. could you please send me
The list of all 5G stocks.. ? Lot of people are talking about them lately..

General Discussion · A big Congrats to Ed S. (aka Nibor100)
msg #149978
12/22/2019 7:03:28 PM

Congrats, Ed S

General Discussion · Guppy Investigations
msg #149932
12/19/2019 2:39:04 PM

Filter posted by Mactheriverrat on 9/29/2018 2:22:31 AM... Is this the only Guppy filter? Or is there any more Guppy filters? Please help me..

Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149817
12/5/2019 6:48:03 PM

Thank you

Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149792
12/4/2019 1:37:14 AM

Hello @xarlor,

please excuse my ignorance.. but i want to know.. what is the name of the doji candle stick in your filter which you posted on 12/1?

somebody told me that if the doji is.. A gravestone doji.. then a trend reversal must happen.. is that true?

General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149733
12/1/2019 10:29:19 PM

@Kossvet.. Are you using TRO's Original filter? and placing orders on Sunday night..

Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #149712
11/29/2019 2:39:06 AM

There are so many filters in this thread and each has multiple versions .. could you please post the final version of the RFR filter ? I would prefer the one which works for swing trading..

General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149703
11/27/2019 9:21:52 PM

Just out of curiosity, what technical indicators do you see if your stock hits 3% loss to determine whether it will bounce back..

General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149701
11/27/2019 6:41:40 PM

Thank you @xarlor & Robert (kossvet) for starting this new thread…

Actually, I have just completed reading TRO’s original complete thread.. and then luckily I found this thread.. just want to make sure, I am doing this right.. I have few questions..

1) Do we need to RUN this modified filter on few mins (or half hour) before Friday market closing bell and then place the orders for first few stocks which are sorted in desc by ‘twopct’ column ? To get Friday close price
2) On Friday before market close, after orders filled, do we need to place
a. stop loss order @3% &
b. take profit order @ 1%

Robert, you are right, In original TRO’s thread.. lot of people mentioned same that they can’t get Monday open price.. your idea is superb..


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