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General Discussion · hey rump
msg #53919
8/8/2007 10:51:43 PM

did you ever read the blog FILTERING WALLSTREET by Marilyn, now there's a guy who can teach!

General Discussion · AH trading
msg #51438
5/5/2007 10:29:00 PM

Avery: can you teach me to use TRAPLINE to swingtrade using end of day prices. Some of us work apart from the computer and monitor. Some of us purchase a method and expect it to work, why else spend that kind of money. It was not sold as a tool but a profitable methodology.

General Discussion · AH trading
msg #51426
5/4/2007 7:58:53 PM

Mark: yes , i am an idiot, i bought your method. You sold TRAPLINE, if it works why the questions about earnings, simply trade AAPL every day with TRAPLINE(how many times do they declare earnings)and live on the beach with your earnings.

General Discussion · AH trading
msg #51425
5/4/2007 7:03:23 PM

Avery and Mark: you both are inferring, I made no mention of TRAPLINE'S ability to pick winners, did I? Sensitive are'nt we?

General Discussion · AH trading
msg #51414
5/3/2007 11:27:46 PM

Dear Mark; Use TRAPLINE, you sold it for $500.00, it must work, you wouldn't
sell it unless it worked , right?

General Discussion · LOOK AT WHAT ESIGNAL IS DOING!!
msg #49890
2/7/2007 7:28:47 PM

TRO-invasion of privacy, how about invasion of my wallet-$500.00 ???

General Discussion · Current stock price that is within 15% of its high over the past year
msg #47768
11/1/2006 11:26:00 PM

All: looking for a filter to find stocks that are within 15% of its high for the last year! appreciate the help!

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