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General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57366
12/2/2007 12:16:25 PM


Another thing that intrigues me is the second interviewer, you give him the HG.
And he , a futures trader, wants you to adapt your methods to his specific trading
venue. I see that on here all the time also, "TRO your filter is wonderful and makes me tons of money but can i add an ADX scan to ......"

If something works and works well , why just not use it? Must be human nature!


General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57365
12/2/2007 12:05:56 PM

TRO: i think alf44 hit the nail, you explained things in detail on the interviews, now i can TRY to incorporate the interviews with the filters, and attempt to see what you see. Maybe im dumb but the filters without an explain, don't help me, just add to the confusion.i f you wish to aid people like me , more explaining , less filters.
And i do appreciate your work and efforts. Happy Holidays

Filter Exchange · /* HORIZONTAL LINE DISPLAY */
msg #56353
11/2/2007 8:30:35 PM

TRO: could you explain further? does the open price need to be below and cross and the closing price end above all four. to long , that is , and to short, open higher and close below all four?? Is that it? Again , us non experts need to know. thanks

Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #56137
10/29/2007 6:09:02 AM

13th: thank you for the explanation! klynn

Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #56124
10/28/2007 9:16:38 PM

13th : please explain why these filters are so valuable, how do you use? Be a help to the ignorant!

Filter Exchange · very easy to predict stock movement using options
msg #55800
10/18/2007 8:18:58 AM

mary wants to be paid, even though he and others purport winning methodologies, they still need a payday, why put up with the public
(oh I'd like to add my RSI(42) indicator, or can i trade India currency, or
it does'nt backtest well,or will the Vix work with your indicator,or i can't read can you help) the great unwashed-why would you put up with this if you are making money on a beach? Adoration or just plain greed? I dont know - ask Diogenes!

General Discussion · A Nice Candlestick Feature to Have ...
msg #55269
9/26/2007 11:02:33 PM

amibroker and addon patternexplorer has that feature

General Discussion · Oh My! We have another celebrity among our ranks!
msg #54208
8/19/2007 2:58:32 PM

All: semantics, i'm talking making money,trading ,investing who cares what you name it. I quote Mark Crisp:

" So you might say, "So show us all your losing trades." My method only trades 4-10 times MAXIMUM every Year. It is only right about half the time. So for every BIG winner I have a losing stock. But I cut my losses at 5-10%. Unlike many other advisory services that use the "muck on the wall approach" I do not throw 5+ stocks at you every week and then "cherry pick" my winners. YOU WILL NOT TRADE OFTEN WITH THIS METHOD. If it's lots of action you desire....then go elsewhere. If you want to trade 2-3 BIG winning stocks every year and 3-4 small losing stocks then sign up.

I don't listen to anyone else and I don't follow the averages. I simply let my stocks tell me what to do.

My method is very selective and I don't select dozens of stocks each day for you to choose from. I recommend an average of three to ten stocks to you per YEAR.

If you want to win big on Wall Street, don't worry about winning every time ~ just make sure that when you win, you win BIG!" So , says M. Crisp.

So, what should I infer from this Ad? Is Mark lying, should I expect these returns if I buy his service. Should he be jailed if his service does not deliver? If not why not, I'm actually for the death penalty in such cases!

General Discussion · Oh My! We have another celebrity among our ranks!
msg #54195
8/18/2007 9:57:49 PM

All: i asked because it's a question of ethics not idiocy, when someone purchases an item, isnt there an inherent promise that it works, that it does what is promised in large print. Should not horse handicapping software pick winning
horses, and should stock picking systems pick winning stocks? Why else would i purchase same. There is a right and a wrong, and it is damn crooked, wrong, unethical to sell anything that does not work. There should be a special place in hell....!

General Discussion · Oh My! We have another celebrity among our ranks!
msg #54181
8/18/2007 2:02:52 PM

Mark: a chance to question a system seller! Mark, each of these methods or books will return a positive ROI correct? why would I, a poor schmuck trying to beat the market,lay out my hard earned money! Why do people buy systems or books, they wish to beat the market. So, what would the seller of these systems be considered if the systems do not work as advertised? Would someone who knowingly sells a system that does not work be considered a lowdown,dirty, crook?

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