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General Discussion · yahooboard/holygrailsm
msg #59492
2/6/2008 8:30:57 AM

they refused to admit me since i'm of color!

Filter Exchange · there are only 2 things you need to make millions in etfc@2.15 cfc@4.88
msg #59002
1/15/2008 2:30:55 PM

swift: only one way to find out, mercury, call him, see if he asks for a "Donation",
why would a millionaire need your $150.00?

Filter Exchange · there are only 2 things you need to make millions in etfc@2.15 cfc@4.88
msg #58956
1/13/2008 4:33:46 PM

Anyone who asks for your money does'nt have the KEY? Why would they need your money , your emails, your questions, why would they bother? Just retire to some nice sunny spot , make your winning trades, and enjoy life. Remember that when someone asks for your money! They need it , that' s why the asking!

Filter Exchange · need filter to rival top 20 of IBD 100 list
msg #58187
12/15/2007 10:46:22 PM

Bet : how can you tell what are the best industries?

General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57642
12/5/2007 6:47:27 PM

"There are 2 kinds of people you can't teach: the very wise and the very stupid" - Confucius
"You can't argue with ignorance"

above quotes are examples of "AD HOMINEM" arguments, logic class, it
means you can't win the argument, so you insult the man, you lose the debate!
Why is so hard to explain the meanings of your filters?I'm not going to continue this, possibly many more revere you, but you are waste of my dwindling time?

General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57589
12/5/2007 7:27:35 AM

While it is difficult to judge motivation, why else would a successful investor be here? You've learned your trade, you are making money, enjoy yourself. Why be here? Are you here to help? Are you here for name recognition, maybe to sell a system? If you are here to help, then do it correctly. Teach! I'm done.

General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57574
12/4/2007 11:09:55 PM

TRO; here , i thought you were in this to help the unwashed, the ignorant,,the untrader, the searcher for a little independence and a better old age. Nah, you have no patience , you can't explain, only code. Sad, but i know now you don't have the answer. I wish someone would defend you. Tell us how money is made using your filters.

General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57499
12/4/2007 12:23:18 AM

Am i correct , if i want to make $200.00 a day with Apple , i risk close to $400,000., and try to catch .10 moves or better. i read of investors complaining of A***trade or Sc****trade freezing during trades, what happens then. Just trying to cover all bases. I don't have an axe to grind , just trying to understand!

General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57390
12/2/2007 5:30:35 PM

TRO: you wrote:" you either see it or you don't" Ah, ha, you should have taken some education credits in college. Patience, please, teach us to fish! Then, your name will be remembered in years to come.

General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #57367
12/2/2007 12:20:23 PM

TRO: You know what would be a nice holiday present for us dummies? A detailed explain of a current filter, say RUN FOREST RUN, and say how you used it yesterday or today? I know you're busy and I'm dumb , but a good explain might make for happy holidays for a lot of us!

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