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General Discussion · Breakout from resistance
msg #123656
4/28/2015 4:45:30 AM

How do i setup for stocks which are breaking out from resistance currently?
And accumulatiing for 3 months in side channel.
Please help me out or give me the reference.

General Discussion · T line crossover
msg #123620
4/22/2015 1:11:17 AM

I need to create cobination of bullish trade:

I want uptrend stock for last 52 weeks
And it has just crossed t line ( ema 8) one day ago with white candle
It has bounced up from bottom of bollinger band to t line few days or one week back with few red candles or white candles
It has to be a white candle above t line not red candle.
Example would be a stock such as EA or HNT.

Thanks very much in advance.

General Discussion · Gap up trailing by a bullish candle
msg #123541
4/13/2015 6:25:05 AM

I am looking for a setup where stock opened in a gap up trailing by bullish white candle day before ie Doji, engulfing.
I am not able to create this search setup or didnot find this kind of setup in your search forum.
Please guide me how to write this kind of setup.

General Discussion · can you tell me that how to trade gap stocks as a long position?
msg #123531
4/11/2015 11:30:28 AM

ok thanks. I have tried to find stocks which opened in pullback after certain days or week of gap up and was not able to screen propely.I wish there was a good fetcher whcih will bring the stock ready for trade after pullback. i tried all your forum search to find those pullback as a long position and wont give me consistent results.
Do ou have any good stocks which are ready to trade Monday next week in pullback?
Thanks again.

General Discussion · How to draw pet-D tool to identify trend?
msg #123516
4/9/2015 2:53:21 AM

Steven talks about this code called Pet-D to trade in trends with bullish candles to go long or bearsih candle to go short.
Can anyone share how to apply this code which is a confirmation of bullish candle?
It works something like this:
1/ Price must close above 50SMA
2/ Bar must close in upper 25% of its length
3/ Price is rising from below above 50 line or it is already there on RSI (5)
1/ Price must close below 50SMA
2/ Bar must close in bottom 25% of its length
3/ Price is falling from above below 50 line or it is already there on RSI (5)

Please post any reference.

General Discussion · oversold and reversing
msg #123506
4/7/2015 6:34:34 PM

How come i am not getting too many stocks?
Can we make easier setup so i can get more stocks in search?


General Discussion · Deeply oversold mean-reverting setup for day trading
msg #123484
4/5/2015 8:43:52 PM

I like this setup but is there anyway we can tweak around to get more stocks ?
I am not getiing too many stocks in price range 40 to 70.

General Discussion · oversold and reversing
msg #123483
4/5/2015 8:35:25 PM

Is there any filter previously created where sotcks are oversold and is reversing?

General Discussion · can you tell me that how to trade gap stocks as a long position?
msg #123482
4/5/2015 8:26:31 PM

I have been missing my trade whenever stock opens in gap up or down. after watching for few days some stock goes up for few days and few falls in pullback. I am not able to understand how to make profit or enter in a stock if it opened in a gap?
do you have any startegy whcih will work for those stocks opened in a gap?

This would be a great help if you can highlight some ideas.

Thanks in advance.
I am new here but I like this place because i am learning faster after reviewing all those forums search.

General Discussion · Screen for slow stochastic not accurate
msg #123481
4/5/2015 8:18:20 PM

Great and thanks a Million!
It makes sense now.

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