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12/12/2014 11:40:04 PM

Wonderful tool to hone trading skills...only doesn't work on my Apple5 (plug-in not supported) and I'd love to use it on the move.
is there a way to make it luck with the Safari or Chrome on my phone. Is there a comparable app?
Thanks! John

Filter Exchange · up 2% BEFORE down 2%
msg #121859
10/30/2014 10:13:22 PM

Wondering if there is a filter that finds stocks that go up 2% (success) BEFORE going down 2% (failure) on a weekly basis (from Monday’s opening bell for backtesting simplicity) for the past 52 weeks.

You’d never take a loss of more than 2% in the week.

Say a stock has an abnormally high success:failure ratio. Does that imply the stock intrinsically trades that way, or are stocks like thousands of people each tossing 52 coins and getting a few people (stocks) with a ridiculous number of heads?

Let’s say 7000 people (roughly the number of stocks) each toss 52 coins. The probability of getting 39 or more heads is about .000205 (binomial distribution, n=52, p=.5). Multiply that by 7000 and you’d get about 1 person (stock) which such a large number of heads (successes>39).

However, a stock’s performance is unlike a coin since trials (weekly performance) are not independent.

I would say if you run this filter and you get stocks with a success count in the high 40s (or > 75% success rate) then you get something cool to work with. I’d take those odds any day.

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