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Filter Exchange · I Look Stupid but I Really Need Someone's Help...
msg #139149
11/7/2017 10:05:58 PM

OK it's 2 years now...

TNK (down) ($8.11 - $1.45)
ZAGG (up) + $8.32 - $19.1
GTN (up) + $14.55 - $15.1
BLDR (up) + 12.51 - $17.44
EFOI (down) ($14.24 - $2.78)

If you invested $50000 and put $10000 in each you now have $51015 or about 2% gain.
If you invested in SPY your gain would have been roughly 25%


"Buy one cheap stock, or a basket of cheap stocks and hold for a year or a few years.
Here are some cheapies with good earnings that have gone up in the last year."

Today is Nov. 27, 2015. My original post was made on October 20, 2015. -- .
Uh, hello? that was 30 trading days ago. 30 trading days is not a YEAR.
As of today's current prices, in 30 trading days,
TNK is down $1 ($8.11 - $7.21)
ZAGG (up) + $8.32 - $9.90
GTN (up) + $14.55 - $17.19
BLDR (up) + 12.51 - $13.89
EFOI (up) + $14.24 - $15.43

Filter Exchange · Shills ultimate $1 Filter
msg #128142
4/24/2016 6:51:17 PM

SCSS fit the filter in 2009 and went up to mid 30s 3 years later.

The filter caught DELT at 80 cents after it had fallen from 28 in LESS than a year!! I’d be wary of recent IPOs.

The soul of the filter is the volatility at sub $1 levels. And one is a magic trading number. I’d say stocks below 1 are at least 10 times more volatile (weekly or monthly) as stocks trading above $1 (FINVIZ) , so if price becomes apocalyptic at these low levels (example ORIG an oil), there’s often a violent upward whip on any good news. ORIG and GALE are recent classic examples. I like these because they had volume and support. Brilliant filter, wouldn’t change it.

Filter Exchange · Shills ultimate $1 Filter
msg #128137
4/24/2016 1:34:33 PM

Analysis based on SD 200 day filter performance

Hold for 1 day: ave 1% gain
Hold for 2 day: ave 2% gain
Hold for 3 day: ave 3% gain
Hold for 4 day: ave 15% gain (ok this is weird)
Hold for 23 day: ave 55% gain
Hold for 48 day: ave 151% gain (this is nuts)

Hold to Current Day isn’t included here since the hold time is changing…

What this means is the average stock you buy for 50 cents trades about $1.51
48 days later

there are nearly 200 stocks (including ones appearing multiple times) that pop up in the course of 200 days

On day 1 of the hold 52% of stocks advance
By day 48 75% of the stocks advance

assuming you purchase $1000 worth of garbage every day the filter signals you average $2521 when you sell 48 days later (you more than double your money) - trading fees

all in? would you buy a stock like DELT (4/15)??

Filter Exchange · Shills ultimate $1 Filter
msg #128132
4/24/2016 12:33:46 AM

v impressived
buy and hold seems to work
market at peak now, so, to be fair, comparisons should be made with mid-July, early Nov and early Dec SPY when market had also peaked- looks good...

Filter Exchange · I Look Stupid but I Really Need Someone's Help...
msg #126325
11/25/2015 11:55:35 PM

Buy one cheap stock, or a basket of cheap stocks and hold for a year or a few years.
Here are some cheapies with good earnings that have gone up in the last year.
EFOI - was $4.oo in February; went up to $28 by September. Now $14

Interesting: TNK is tanking and ZAGG is zagging…what I’ve learned after a setback is to trade small, and less frequently- after a while you will be an expert, i.e., a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in the trade

Announcements · StockFetcher Backtesting Discontinued on August 1, 2015
msg #124424
7/19/2015 8:15:17 PM

Subscribers may not directly use this tool, but I am sure they value and use the filters that have excellent backtest results posted.
Please find a way to keep this wonderful tool.

Filter Exchange · TRO's STAT SCAN for SWING TRADERS
msg #124412
7/18/2015 7:12:04 PM

Hello SF friends,

New member

I have seen some amazing filters on this site.

I am not a coder but I like stats, and found TRO’s STAT SCAN for SWING TRADERS fascinating. I know that Kevin did some work with it too.

Basically it shows the counts (weeks) in a year that a stock gains 1%, 2%, 5%.

Since I use a stop of 10% I added the count of weeks the stock dropped 10%.

I also included the %gain and %loss counts for the last month, since recent performance is important.
Forgive me if someone has already written a filter that does this.

I added 2 columns “average % gain on 5% sell limit” and “average % loss on 10% sell stop”

Instead of simply going with stocks that get the most 5% gains in the year (like JDST this week), I think accounting for negative volatility (risk) is important. JDST, for example, is the 5% king hitting 5% a whopping 51/52 times in the year. So why not throw all your money in JDST gold and make a fortune week after week? Probably because it’s not guaranteed. On Tuesday you might just wake up to find gold up big and JDST down 20% (it is overbought). Considering the fact that JDST hits -10% 27/52 or about half the time, for someone like me who uses a 10% stop, this would not be a good pick, since I might get stopped out before it makes its habitual 5% gain.

A typical stock in this amazing filter gives 5% gains a median of 60% of the time yielding (.05*.60) 3% average weekly gains.

A typical stock shows 10% losses a median of 15% of the time (the standard deviation in loss count is nearly double for 5% gain counts!) for an average weekly loss of 1.5%

(If your stock doesn’t hit those stops let’s assume 0 gain to be conservative).

That’s a 3%-1.5% = 1.5% weekly gain, and on a $100000 investment, a steady $1500 per week (excluding commissions and exponential gains)!

Not bad. (Is there something wrong with my reasoning?)

So this is how I would use the filter since I use a 10% stop loss and 5% stop limit. Simply buy the stocks where the average weekly gain/loss difference is greatest (should be easy adding this code). I definitely would stay away from stocks like JDST since its average weekly gain (4%) is less than its average weekly loss (5%).

Take care traders,


/* TRO STAT SCAN for SWING TRADERS - use only on Saturday and Sunday */
set{whiop, weekly high - weekly open}
set{whilowop, weekly open - weekly low}
set{Long_Profit, whiop / weekly open }
set{wkProfitPct, 100 * Long_Profit }
set{Long_Loss, whilowop / weekly open }
set{wkLossPct, 100 * Long_Loss }
set{onepct, count(Long_Profit > .01 , 52)}
set{twopct, count(Long_Profit > .02 , 52)}
set{fivepct, count(Long_Profit > .05 , 52)}
set{triggered, count(Long_Profit > .02 , 1)}
set{minus10pct, count(Long_Loss > .10 , 52)}
set{five%, fivepct/52}
set{expgain, .05 * five%}
set{loss%, minus10pct/52}
set{exploss, .10 * loss%}
set{onepcttriggered, count(Long_Profit > .01 , 4)}
set{twopcttriggered, count(Long_Profit > .02 , 4)}
set{fivepcttriggered, count(Long_Profit > .04 , 4)}
set{minus10%triggered, count(Long_Loss > .10 , 4)}
add column wkProfitPct
add column onepct {hit 1% target over last 52 weeks}
add column twopct {hit 2% target over last 52 weeks}
add column twopct {hit 2% target over last 52 weeks}
add column fivepct {hit 5% target over last 52 weeks}
add column minus10pct {hit -10% over last 52 weeks}
and add column separator
add column onepcttriggered {hit 1% target last 4 weeks}
add column twopcttriggered {hit 2% target last 4 weeks}
add column fivepcttriggered {hit 5% target last 4 weeks}
add column minus10%triggered {hit -10% target last 4 weeks}
add column expgain {average % gain on 5% sell limit}
add column exploss {average % loss on 10% sell stop}
and add column separator
and add column weekly open {wopen}
and add column weekly high {whigh}
and add column weekly low {wlow}
and add column weekly close {wclose}
and add column separator
close is above 5
average volume(90) above 500000
sort column 7 descending
chart-display is weekly

Filter Exchange · Howard Pasternack's Improved "Bollinger Method IV" Scan
msg #123647
4/25/2015 2:49:47 AM

blessings to you brought to life a Monster scan...just what i was wishing for

Filter Exchange · Howard Pasternack's Improved "Bollinger Method IV" Scan
msg #123464
4/4/2015 10:36:23 AM

Came across this user-contributed scan at and wonder how to code it in SF:

This scan implements Bollinger's Method IV (Confirmed Breakout), but adds additional checks for trend and volume.

In short, Method IV requires:

Day 1: Close inside the band and bandwidth within 25% of lowest bandwidth in 6 months

Day 2: Close outside the band

Day 3: Signal if close is higher than Day 2

[type = stock]
and [SMA(20,volume) > 100000]
and [close > yesterday's close]
and [SMA(200,close) > 20 days ago SMA(200,close)]
and [SMA(200,close) > 60 days ago SMA(200,close)]
and [min(10,SMA(50,close)) > max(10,SMA(200,close))]
and [MACD Hist(12,26,9) >= yesterday's MACD Hist(12,26,9)]
and [2 days ago %B(20,2) < 1]
and [2 days ago %B(20,2) > -1]
and [yesterday's %B(20,2) > 1]
and [min(3,BB Width(20,2)) < 1.25 * min(120,BB Width(20,2))]
and [PVO Line(12,26,9) > yesterday's PVO Line(12,26,9)]
and [SMA(3,volume) > 1.5 * SMA(120,volume)]
and [Slow Stoch %K(70,3) > 50]
and [Weekly MACD Hist(12,26,9) >= 2 weeks ago MACD Hist(12,26,9)]

Stock Picks and Trading · SWKS
msg #122231
12/12/2014 11:50:19 PM

swks..great stock but market turning sour...the Solutions Director just sold $702K...currently above SMA10..might buy on pullback below 60

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