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Announcements · StockFetcher Backtesting Discontinued on August 1, 2015
msg #124215
6/29/2015 7:38:09 AM

Eliminating back testing tool is a terrible idea and the amount of use seems to be pure BS as most automated systems are stand alone and run without human intervention. Your tool has never posed a problem for me and I have been a subscriber for a while. Has anyone else ever experienced a problem with the back testing tool? Big mistake as back testing SHOULD always be a part of any site that promotes the creation of potential trade ideas.....why create if you can't test it on the same site? Someone asked about other places.....Vector Vest is one that offers both creation and back testing ability plus much more......try Google for others....they are out there. Big mistake guys and the reasoning really does not make sense.

Filter Exchange · Is There A Workaround To Create A Monthly Moving Average?
msg #119189
4/23/2014 8:39:41 AM

almost 1.5 years since this inquiry about SF creating the ability to follow/scan Monthly Moving Averages......along same lines, what about Weekly Moving Averages???? Anything out there?

Announcements · New Feature: Custom Moving Averages
msg #119177
4/21/2014 6:48:55 AM

What if I just wanted to check a monthly moving average over another monthly moving average? Say for example, the ma of 4 months vs. the ma of 30 months, how would I write this? (All basis the close)

Filter Exchange · Gap Down
msg #95500
8/7/2010 10:40:08 AM

How do I create a Gap Down filter?

Backtesting Support · Advanced Entry filter
msg #55945
10/23/2007 11:43:52 AM

I wanted to see just results using a specific entry parameter that does not involve using the Open. However the Advanced filter explains that if the parameter I insert does not result in a trade that the software automatically defaults back to using the Open. I do not want to see any trades that opened using the Open, so if my entry parameter fails to open a position then I want the software to show no trade. Yes, I clicked on that little box as well and the override still defaults to using the Open.

How can I get this to ignore the default and just give me what I want???

John in NJ

Backtesting Support · Backtesting a Watch List
msg #41219
2/15/2006 6:02:57 AM

Does anyone know how, or if it's even possible, to backtest targeting just a specific Watch List or multiple Watch Lists?

(For those who track a specific group of stocks, and are not scanning for new stocks to add to their Watch List, backtesting a Watch List is a neccessary fucntion.)


General Discussion · MOO orders
msg #39731
12/22/2005 12:22:32 PM

I've recently joined SF and have found the tools useful in the respect to providing me with monitoring signals. Let me explain. I use a RSI / MACD crossover match as my personal trigger to buy/sell. I use the SF to find stocks that are currently in RSI and/or MACD positions that might bring a signal in the future. IE: RSI <20 and/or MACD <-.2 could be inputted as part of a search on SF. I take the list/symbols generated and then track the stocks until my personal trigger formulas are met, then I buy/sell accordingly.

I too have noted that if I run a backtest using the SF 'Backtesting" mechanism I do get different results than if I paste the code into the 'filter builder' and use the "and offset of X" to test forward from the same date. (X being the days you want to test forward from)

Sure there are other products out there that'll do much of what the SF site does but you will pay some pretty hefty sums for many of those. My advice is not to trade the signals but use the symbols generated to bounce off your own personal trigger parameter.


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