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General Discussion · Calling a filter from another filter
msg #144907
10/10/2018 8:04:57 PM

I have a similar need to chain filters together. Or have a global for before and a global for after my filter. Is this possible

StockFetcher for iPad · StockFetcher iPad App - Initial Release (1.0)
msg #109588
12/22/2012 8:57:46 AM

Add another vote for and android app.

General Discussion · trailing stop
msg #91980
5/3/2010 11:13:57 AM

JohnPaul, does that mean you like the exit?

General Discussion · trailing stop
msg #91972
5/3/2010 9:54:00 AM

Let me clarify what I am trying to do.

1. I have a watch list of stocks I am holding
2. Here is the filter pseudo code.

show stocks apply to watchlist(Active)

set{Initial _ATR, ATR(10) on Date Added} Date Added is in watch list
set{ATR_Mult, Initial_ATR * 3}
set{High_Price, Highest High since Date Added}
set{stop,High_Price - ATR_Mult}
draw stop on plot close

This should create a trailing stop very similar to the PSAR except the stop starts on the date I add the stock to the watch list and there is no accelerator.

General Discussion · trailing stop
msg #91862
4/30/2010 7:31:43 PM

I need help with plotting a trailing stop. I want to trail a 3 dollar stop starting with the day I buy. Here are the 2 things I can't figure out.

1. How do I capture the price on the day I enter an item in the watch list? Date Added.
2. How do I plot the stop if it goes up but keep it the same if it goes down.

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