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General Discussion · MRK: thoughts?
msg #140359
12/23/2017 11:16:16 PM

I've seldom missed a chance to be ridiculed, and since only "thoughts" (not good or informed thoughts were specified) here is my tuppence: all of my favored technical indicators (sharpe, IFT, aroon, FI(2), Darvas Box) dislike it....
That said, it may be a set-up for a Bollinger Band squeeze play, but that's not an indicator I use.
(And in this rare moment of thought, and this is simply personal preference, I avoid medical stocks like venomous snakes; there 've been too many times that they turned around and bit me).
And on that happy note: Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) to all, and hopes for a profitable New Year - !

Filter Exchange · The Ron Groenke V Theory
msg #140352
12/23/2017 3:32:25 PM


Sorry for the delay; an outpatient surgery turned into an extended hospital stay...
That said, below is the version of the model I'm using for test (emphasis on that last word; I am only paper-trading this).

Fetcher[ market is not otcbb
not etf
and stock is optionable
Close > 3
Average Volume(30)> 300000

Set{bla, high 10 day high - low 10 day low}
set{blb, bla * .25}
set{bl, low 10 day low + blb}

set{bra, bl - close}
set{brb, bra / blb}
set{br, 10 * brb}

set{taa, ma(20) * 2}
set{tab, taa - close}
set{tac, ma(20) / tab }
set{tad, tac + 1}
set{tai, br * tad}

set{pointb1, bla * .125}
set{pointb, bl + pointb1}

set{pointc, low 10 day low + pointb1}

set{MBB%, Ma(20) / bl}
set{UBB%, upper bollinger band(20,2) / bl}
set{cls, close}
add column tai
add column bl
add column ma(20){MBB}
add column mBB%
add column upper bollinger band(20,2){UBB}
add column UBB%

draw tai line at 10
draw tai line at -5
draw tai line at -31

draw bl on plot price

draw pointb on plot cls
draw pointc on plot cls

draw ma(20)

draw Bollinger %B(20,2) line at .65
draw Bollinger %B(20,2) line at .23

set{gr, count(tai above 10,1)}
set{ta, count(tai between -5 and 10,1)}
set{wait, count(tai between -10 and -4.9,1)}
set{bad_idea, count(tai below -10,1)}
add column gr{get_ready}
add column ta{take_action}
add column wait
add column bad_idea

set{a, close - close 50 days ago}
set{b, a / close}
set{c, b * 100}

set{bi?, count(close crossed above low 2 days ago,1)}/*Bottom Indicator*/
draw bi?
add column c{alpha}
add column bi?/*With Bollinger %B(20,2) crossing .23 or .65*/
add column Bollinger %B(20,2)

SET{VAR1,COUNT(DAY RANGE ABOVE Average Day Range(30),1)}
Add column VAR1

Draw weekly ift(3,1) line at .90
Add column weekly ift(3,1)

draw aroon up(10)
add column aroon(10)

Add column Williams %r(14)

Draw Darvas Box


set{macdf, MACD Fast Line(3,6,9)}
set{macds, MACD Slow Line(3,6,9)}
set{n, 0}

set{buy, count(macdf crossed above macds,1)}
set{sell, count(macdf crossed below macds,1)}

draw macds on plot n
draw macdf on plot n

draw sell on plot buy

Add column Buy

Add column sector

sort column 3 descending

General Discussion · Breakout Continuation//or FAKEOUT??
msg #139377
11/17/2017 10:46:04 AM

Always one to admit my ignorance (not with any pride, but with simple honesty) I'll ask: "How are you defining breakout ?"
Breakout of Bollinger Band narrowing?
Breakout of Darvas Box limits?
There are numerous break-out models that work well (with a few tweaks) on this site, for example: "jaketheguy" posted one that is up substantially at this hour, and the self-promoting Riggs (not a value judgment, simply a statement of fact) offers one ("VOLUME & PRICE REACH A NEW 6 MONTH HIGH") that is doing very well (at this hour) as well ....
Given the vagaries of this Market, and that it is down as of this writing, there's no guarantee that the gains shown will hold (hence my "at this hour" caveat), but they offer a chance to make some profit in the short-term if carefully played...

Filter Exchange · The Ron Groenke V Theory
msg #139361
11/16/2017 3:22:28 PM

SAFeTRADE, I say with no false modesty that in general one would be better of asking a Magic 8-Ball for stock advice than requesting my opinion; I am by no means one of the demonstrated (and in some cases elf-proclaimed) gurus on this board...

For what its worth, the raw Groenke model picks all suggest negatives on JPM, CSCO, XLF, and KBE. SPY looks like a careful positive...

My 11 herbs and spices over-lay points to the same conclusions, but it reflects my short-term trading strategy (in on Monday at Market Open at Open Price, out no later than 3:30 Friday or when desired profit is reached 1% to 2% depending on the Market temperature that week; never after Monday).

Of course none of this means that you shouldn't buy stock picks if you believe strongly in your trading method and model.

My bastardized Groenke plays this week were BRS and OSTK for about a 5% gain by Monday close (they've dropped appreciably Tuesday and today as the Market cratered); over the 10 weeks I've been tracking my current variation I've only lost money twice and both times it was in the very low 100s....

Stay tuned, those who dare or care, for updates as warranted.

Filter Exchange · The Ron Groenke V Theory
msg #139327
11/15/2017 8:41:33 PM

True to my word, I've been hitting this (among other models) with a variety of approaches...and I may be closing in on victory. For those few (if any) still listening, please stay tuned.

msg #137955
9/3/2017 10:37:22 PM

And an unimpressive showing from applying the signals I prefer...

FCAU 14.81-15.13 +7.09%
WERN 32.00-33.45 +4.53%
BRS 8.71-8.85 +3.51%
USAT 5.75-5.60 -2.61%
TPX 61.32-62.20 +1.27%

They work fantastically well for a lot of models, but not applied to this one...

msg #137858
8/27/2017 6:35:42 PM

Perhaps humble, but certainly informed and appreciated; as for BRS, it has a decent up-trend, and strong IFT and aroon, while TPX looks the weakest by my favorite indicators; I'd spread 20% even across the board, but that's my take on the picks; my concern for FCAU is profit-taking as it has a strong run-up going in to Monday...

msg #137851
8/26/2017 10:11:49 PM

Difference of opinion makes a horse race, and I'm no stranger to embarrassment, so since no one asked (and fewer care), my contrarian picks would be: FCAU, WERN, BRS, USAT, and TPX

General Discussion · Just bumped into this...
msg #136813
7/17/2017 11:58:18 PM

Overview of pros and cons at the close of this review:

Filter Exchange · Gann numbers
msg #136174
6/4/2017 7:08:13 PM

Closest I've seen is this entry:

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