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Filter Exchange · This is a good filter for day trading.
msg #144377
8/11/2018 11:27:55 AM

Fetcher[show stocks where open is more than 5% above close 1 day ago
and volume is more than 100% above average volume(30) 1 day ago
and draw MA(5)
and draw MA(8)
and draw MA(13)
price between 10 and 40
+DI crossing above -DI
ADX value 75-100

Filter Exchange · ADL Squeeze
msg #143541
5/13/2018 9:09:53 PM

The Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) [proprietary] modeling system is the brainchild of TechnicalTraders Ltd.

Their site is:

I do not use their service, and make no simply Web sleuthing...


msg #143215
4/14/2018 11:36:50 PM

Although late to the game, here are some dry thoughts from a dry brain (apologies to TS Eliot)...

I add the two qualifier sets below to each of the models I build; they're kept me out of a lot of trouble and are fairly generic and reasonable in application:

Market is not otcbb
Market is not etf

average close(30) is above 3
average volume(30) is above 300000

Beyond those, there are (of course) a variety of qualifiers in evaluating the results depending on your trading style and - most importantly - what you find actually works (not all caveats work well with all models).

With the exception of some of Mac's models that I've modified slightly, I won't trade medical stocks, so I add this to help me weed them out:

Add column sector

When developing a model the Force Index indicator can be powerful:

FI(2)> 100000
Add column FI(2)

The neat little piece of code below - for which I take no (emphasis) credit - can also be powerful, but you need to try various levels to see what parameters work best for your scanning:

set{whiop, weekly high - weekly open}
set{Long_Profit, whiop / weekly open }
set{wkProfitPct, 100 * Long_Profit }

wkProfitPct > 10
draw wkProfitPct
add column wkProfitPct

I'd also look into setting some parameters for the Sharpe ratio...

In evaluating the results, the Fisher Inverse Transformation also works well with some models...

Draw weekly ift(3,1) line at .90
Add column weekly ift(3,1)

...and some really like the ADX qualifier (another module for which I take no (emphasis) credit), although I find Sharpe to better fit my trading pattern:

set{a_d_x, ADX(14)}
draw a_d_x
draw average day range(10) on plot a_d_x
Add column ADX

And that's way more than anyone needed to hear from the likes of me...


General Discussion · HRL: Thoughts
msg #143003
4/1/2018 1:06:11 AM

Preface this (as all my remarks) with "for what it's worth..." based on some of the indicators I use:

FI(2): Maybe...
Darvas Box: Wait
Sharpe Ratio No
Slow Stoch (14.3) Yes
Aroon: Maybe...
DRSI4 Yes!

For me (for what it's worth) the coin is on the edge...

Filter Exchange · Help Please
msg #142988
3/30/2018 9:51:37 PM

I can offer an answer to an implied question, however not to your direct inquiry...

The author of the original filter was "The Mighty Riggs"; he was (and probably still is) big on DMA as an indicator, however his current focus is FI(2) as an signal of probable sustained upward movement (and with good reason IMO).

You might address your question specifically to him; although he is less frequently present, he may get back to you eventually.


Filter Exchange · T3 Moving Average vs. Ultimate Oscillator?
msg #142866
3/22/2018 11:48:34 PM

I'll try and kick off the conversation by admitting my near complete ignorance and lack of experience; that usually motivates someone with infinitely more knowledge and indicator experience to, if not stomp on me, at least offer corrective and informative comments....

Filter Exchange · bullish filter setup
msg #142865
3/22/2018 11:34:26 PM

There are a few million "bullish" set-ups posted here over the years...with as many variations as Baskin Robbins (or Ben 'n' Jerry's, your choice) has flavors. Given the wide parameters available your best bet (IMHO) is to do a search for "bullish" and taste-test those you find appealing.

Filter Exchange · Swing trade special/up days in a row by sector
msg #142847
3/21/2018 7:46:31 PM

As a start, TRO offers his usual over-engineered selection of sophisticated trend filters can add sector and sort accordingly...

Filter Exchange · MACD Fast Line 52 Week Low
msg #142701
3/10/2018 2:48:51 PM

I've been through his formal "rules" and those don't appear in his listings as as hard and fast in his texts (How I made $2,000,000, You Can Still Make It, etc.) ; they were extrapolated by a third-party examining his trading patterns. Sorry, but unfortunately, it was years ago that I ran across them and I don't recall the source of the analysis. I can,however, note that they're worked very well in my trading. If I can find the source somewhere iny files I'll post it - .

Filter Exchange · Raghee Horner 34 Wave
msg #142695
3/9/2018 10:58:35 PM

Thoughts...for what they're worth...

Looking at the patterns, ETFs will always see-saw from a dip to a rise; they key here would (perhaps, to borrow an expression from Four) the best approach would be to determine the average increase over a set period of time (a week, for example) and plan to trigger a sell when that's reached...


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