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Filter Exchange · Help with an idea
msg #51436
5/5/2007 5:19:57 PM

search this site with darvas box. Not sure if this is what you had in mind but it does some of your criteria.


General Discussion · Mad Dash for Cash
msg #51384
4/30/2007 5:39:14 PM

TRO has been very generous on SF, sharing his knowledge, techniques, and answering questions. Like the rest of us, heís just looking for the mis-priced financial assets. Perhaps this is one.
Be interesting to see how he does. Iíve often wondered how these ads work out.

ďWhy wasn't this promoted here?Ē About $500,000 short here. Itís only pocket change.

General Discussion · exclude certain sectors
msg #51190
4/18/2007 12:42:46 PM

Thanks nikoschopen. I understood (I think) the logic of your filter. What I was trying to do was just get the stocks in the "services" and "technology" sectors only. My filter also returns "energy" sector stocks. Why?

How would you write your filter to get only "services" and "technology" sectors only?

Thanks. Following you filter has been a good learning experience. Thanks for posting


General Discussion · exclude certain sectors
msg #51184
4/18/2007 11:20:06 AM


When I use the following setup I get Energy stocks as well as Service and Technology. Why?
Do I have a misunderstanding in the "or" Boolean Logic theory? (as posted by TheRumpledOne--Thanks for posting this TRO)


set{A, count(SECTOR is SERVICES,1)}
set{b, count(SECTOR is Technology,1)}
set{OR1, A + B}
show stocks where OR1 is above 0
add column sector

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · Can I only filter on all ETF's and indices?
msg #50781
4/1/2007 6:03:15 PM

fill a watchlist with symbols you are interested in

Filter Exchange · add column 5 day slope of OBV
msg #50614
3/20/2007 8:18:23 PM

Hello all,
How would I write a line of code to get the 5 day slope of OBV into a column?
I would expect a number less than 1 but I get a number in millions.


General Discussion · Detective Work X
msg #44839
6/10/2006 4:33:41 PM

My guess is:
Infinity Energy Resources Inc. (IFNY)

I don't know anything about this Co. I was taking a break and decided this "hunt" was worth 10 min while sipping coffee.

Am I right TRO?

Filter Exchange · ^spx close as a Percentage Difference from ^spx ma(10)
msg #44116
5/24/2006 12:36:49 AM

How can I get the ^spx close as a Percentage Difference from ^spx ma(10)

Iíve tried:
set{spxdpcnt spxd/spx10}

and it doesnít work.


General Discussion · 52 week high
msg #43768
5/16/2006 1:23:09 PM

There is probably nothing wrong with the filter just my understanding of it.

In any case, two stocks, by way of example, that reached a new 52 week high last week are MS and CUP. Neither are picked up by the filter.

Thanks again for working on this.

General Discussion · 52 week high
msg #43743
5/15/2006 4:12:42 PM


I am still confused. What I am trying to get are:

>>>> stocks that had reached a new 52 week high within the last 2 weeks

So the following line in the filter likely needs to be adjusted and Iím not sure how

/* that haven't done so in the past 2 weeks */
and cnt52wh 1 day ago equal 0.


I like what I believe is the capability of this filter. Thanks to you for it.

As a twist, what coding would have to change so that it filtered for:

>>>>> Stocks that reached a new 52 week high 1 or 2 weeks ago

Then have the number of new daily highs since the the high was reached? (I would assume this would be 10 or less)

Thanks again for your patience with me on this.


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