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Filter Exchange · Webinar with M4M
msg #90664
4/1/2010 3:15:45 PM

No info for post at 3/27/2010 12:17:48 PM on this thread?

Filter Exchange · Webinar with M4M
msg #90459
3/27/2010 12:17:48 PM

Does anyone know anything about M4M? From what I have seen he only uses a practice account and so his fills are not real.

Just curious as to M4M's background and real results.

msg #83326
11/21/2009 5:39:20 PM

Why so few $'s? ... You must doing this as a hobby.


- Ignore luc1grunt 11/12/2009 8:11:51 AM

MARY, I have made over $800,000 in the last few months using your methods, but I have to say you are very scattered in your methods and manners of sharing.

I am no teacher either, but I would recommend at least doubling the amount of threads created and NEVER answer a request for info in the same thread it was asked.

Stay makes the challenge worth the reward.

General Discussion · Watcha been humming lately? Share ure favorite tunes...
msg #62468
5/10/2008 8:46:09 PM

Thanks Nico. Both are very relaxing.

Filter Exchange · Comparative Rel Strength Specific Dates
msg #58540
12/26/2007 7:21:26 PM


Thanks. Looks good.

Another question
When I run the filter from the “Forum” (click on magnify glass) the filter accepts the “date offset” . When I save it to My Filters I get the “date offset” is ignored warning. I would like to have “date offset” be functional. Do I run the filter from “Forum” every time or can I save it in a way that the “date offset” will be functional?

Thanks. Anyone have any thoughts?

General Discussion · TOP 3 TURNAROUND STOCKS FOR 2008 - Find Them
msg #58511
12/25/2007 12:07:27 PM


Fellow Investor,

I urge you to take the next 3 minutes to read the information I'm about to share with you.

Normally, this kind of information is highly confidential, but today I've decided to unveil my highly-anticipated exclusive Research Report -- My Top 3 Turnaround Stocks for 2008.

And now may be your only chance to request your copy -- FREE.

With the stocks I reveal in my latest Research Report you could soon be making gains like 12% in 6 days, 20% in 9 days, 39% and 179% in just 6 weeks or 38% and 125% in 5 weeks like my other turnaround picks have done!

So today, I am revealing my 3 favorite turnaround stocks that are set to explode in 2008... but only to my most valued members.

When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, the names of my top 3 turnaround stocks will become classified information... unavailable anywhere!

But, because this information could be so critical to your portfolio, I am giving you a sneak-peek at the mega-profitable turnaround tales behind My Top 3 Turnaround Stocks for 2008.

TURNAROUND TITAN #1: This bargain-basement leader in payment and financial services is not just a tempting buy for you... it's also a takeover target for one of its main competitors!

On December 13, this turnaround titan I'm recommending was offered a buyout deal worth more than $1.5 billion... and they rejected the offer!

At this point, several things could happen... the competitor could make an even better offer... or possibly a different rival will swoop in and outbid the first competitor.

In any case, you still have a chance to grab this tempting takeover target before the deal closes. Buy this stock today and you'll be set for a quick takeover windfall potential of 25% or more!

TURNAROUND TITAN #2: Turnaround titan #2 is a wildly undervalued bank stock.

Just ask company insiders how dirt-cheap their stock is... they've bought $1.6 million worth in the past 2 months alone!

You'll make a quick 106% profit on this stock if all it does is hit last year's highs –- that's well within reach today, I might add.

And, adding icing to the cake -- they also pay a sweet 4% dividend!

TURNAROUND TITAN #3: My third and final turnaround titan is a market-beating generic drug company.

With the stock selling for just 11 times earnings, company insiders are quietly hoarding more and more shares. And even though insiders aren't saying so, their massive buying has a lot to do with a brand-new FDA "emergency plan" for global AIDS relief...

You see, just this month, the FDA approved this company's new AIDS drug for immediate distribution in the worst-affected parts of the world. Insiders believe the drug is going to make this company millions in new sales in 2008!

As you can see, each of these three huge turnaround titans is well poised to deliver amazing double- and triple-digit profits in 2008.

Filter Exchange · Comparative Rel Strength Specific Dates
msg #58478
12/24/2007 2:38:15 PM

Thanks Max. Let me elaborate and clarify.

I would like the comparison period to be over the 25 days for the time period 11/02/07 to 11/27/07. In generic terms, I would like to find stocks that out performed the SPX 500 over the 25 day time frame 11/02/07 to 11/27/07.

Merry Christmas to you, and to all.

Filter Exchange · Comparative Rel Strength Specific Dates
msg #58472
12/24/2007 11:30:53 AM

Is it possible to do a comparative relative strength test against the S&P 500 using specific dates?

For example: Stocks whose comparative relative strength is above 1.0 compared to the S&P 500 from 11/02/07 to 11/27/07?


Filter Exchange · close 2 days ago is 2% or more higher than the close 3 days ago?
msg #53837
8/4/2007 7:48:04 PM

Thanks nikoschopen. That is a very clean set-up.

I thought I'd try a slight variation and substituted Low for Close in the filter code. Results were not accurate. Would you post code using Low that works? And maybe the reason why Low does not work in the code which code works for Close?

You've provided good answers and explanations on this message board since I've been here. Thank-you.

Filter Exchange · close 2 days ago is 2% or more higher than the close 3 days ago?
msg #53783
8/2/2007 7:19:50 PM

What would the filter terminology be to identify stocks where the close 2 days ago is 2% or more higher than the close 3 days ago?

I tried:
Show stocks where Close gained more than 2 percent between 3 days ago and 2 days ago

This did not work.


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