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General Discussion · looking for real time, minute based stock screener
msg #55471
10/2/2007 4:47:52 PM

Strategydesk (with intraday) is going to be hard to compete for StockFetcher if they don't work on giving more features.

And it is Free if you have Ameritrade account.

Few feature missing but still it is in infancy.

General Discussion · Click "Market Technicals" on the Home Page
msg #55350
9/28/2007 7:30:09 PM

It is close to Market Monitor that he now made a member only screen.

I wish the "Market Techinicals" have a history for us to find the early exit doors before the corrections/crash.

Filter Exchange · Is there a way to gather stock stats across market?
msg #54725
9/11/2007 5:49:36 PM

Thanks guys. Some of you understood what I meant.
I think there is currently only one painful way by downloading the stocks from the filter (but we might hit the upperlimit) into Excel.

Filter Exchange · Is there a way to gather stock stats across market?
msg #54597
9/6/2007 1:43:14 AM

Is there a way to gather stock stats across market in filter and display as column.

e.g. no of stock 5% up in last 5 days etc.

something similar to

General Discussion · What are the risk involved in longterm investing in a pinksheet stock like NTDOY - Nintendo
msg #54120
8/16/2007 3:09:13 PM

I am very interested in investing in NTDOY looking at its strong growth.

But since it is pinksheet stock I am cautious.

What are the cons of investing in this pinkseet stock for long-term around a year?

I am not asking about NTDOY as a company but drawbacks of investing in such pinksheet stock for long-term.

e.g. Is money parked safe as there are lesser restriction to follow on these stock?
Will it happen someday that the stock symbol is not more supported as it is moved to NASDAQ, NYSE.

Sorry for the ignorance. Enlighten me.

General Discussion · Anyone subscribing to IBD program? opion please.
msg #53231
7/18/2007 1:27:22 PM

Cool info on trading different option strategies.

How you judge high implied volatility and low volatility mechanically. I mean implied volatility above or below?

Which options trading brokerage you use?

General Discussion · Anyone subscribing to IBD program? opion please.
msg #53196
7/17/2007 5:32:29 PM


Thanks for sharing.

Do you use out-of-money, near-the-money, deep-in-the-money or any specific spread for the trades?

IBD100 does have most of the stocks with the citeria use select (may be I am wrong). Why you don't use IBD100 against stockfecther filters that you use?

Filter Exchange · i use a filter that gets me 99% winners whenplaying options
msg #53125
7/15/2007 2:21:51 AM

Can anyone tell me where can we see result in the format posted by Mary

"Change Offset
<< Week Day Previous Next Day Week >>
Results For Next... Overall Adv(%) Dec(%) Adv vs Dec Unch IXIC(%) DJIA(%)
1 Day +3.52% 157 (+4.02%) 10 (-3.94%)
1 +1.90% +1.30%
2 Days +3.64% 150 (+4.37%) 16 (-2.81%)
2 +1.45% +1.18%
3 Days +5.49% 159 (+6.06%) 9 (-4.61%)
0 +2.01% +1.75%
4 Days +5.34% 155 (+6.42%) 12 (-8.18%)
1 +2.00% +1.87%
1 Week +6.06% 152 (+7.34%) 16 (-6.09%)
0 +2.63% +2.23%
1 Month +10.96% 137 (+14.85%) 31 (-6.23%)
0 +5.58% +4.23%
3 Month +14.07% 122 (+23.97%) 46 (-12.18%)
0 +8.57% +10.09%
Current +24.35% 128 (+36.27%) 40 (-13.82%)
0 +15.65% +15.41%
168 matching stocks "

Filter Exchange · any way I can scan for capitalization?
msg #53045
7/12/2007 6:31:53 PM

Fetcher[set{market_cap, shares outstanding * close}
show stocks where market_cap > 4000
and market_cap < 11000
and add column market_cap


General Discussion · Niko:
msg #53043
7/12/2007 6:14:30 PM

Nice Idea. Thanks.

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