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General Discussion · low budget trading
msg #26834
6/12/2003 1:31:41 PM

i paper traded 10 days of noah's idea and got a 20% gain, i played 1500 bucks for 10 days with the same system and got a 17% gain, im starting my second 10 day term tomorrow

Filter Exchange · bollinger bands
msg #26795
6/8/2003 8:54:29 PM

doesn't really matter anymore, it's easier to get to the last page of a thread now with the tabs

General Discussion · How do I see performance in the past
msg #26740
6/4/2003 8:04:18 PM

Click on the word Performance on top of the column, u'll figure it out from there :) 1 week is 5 days

General Discussion · What is a good filter and how do we decide?
msg #26727
6/3/2003 5:27:13 PM

risjr: It wouldn't be too hard to make a filter that would work 99.9999% of the time, just combine as many indicators as you know how to use. The downside of course is that you'll get a stock to match the filter maybe once a year? haha. Anyways, the key is not to find a filter that works all the time but a filter that works a good 90% of the time but that will always be available in good and bad markets and will work just as good in bad as it does in good, we all know pleany of these...

General Discussion · What is a good filter and how do we decide?
msg #26726
6/3/2003 5:23:30 PM

Well to understand what to look for we need to understand what kind of situations cause stocks to rise rapidly over the next few days or weeks. We're looking for oversold conditions, stocks testing previous lows, or maybe even watching for possible upswings forming?

We have lots of indicators that will help us identify oversold conditions, or where a stock has been sold more then it should have been indicating that it will soon rebound as people realize it's low price. My personal favorite is the slow stochastic (5,5), oversold conditions and buy points are indicated by the fast line crossing above the slow line below 20, overbought is indicating by slow line crossing above fast line above 80. With other indicators of oversold/overbought it's not as easy to predict accurate entry points because you dont have a particular entry date such as when the slow and fast lines cross. I've been thinking about trying to graph an RSI(9) and then an EMA of an RSI(12) and 18 day, and then reading it pretty much like a stochastic graph, anyone ever try this?

Finding stocks that are testing previous lows is easy with the help of moving averages and even bollinger bands (which are created by taking 2 standard deviations of the stock's moevements up and down, if you dont remember from math, this will give us an area that the price will reside in 95% of the time, taking 3 std will give us 98.6% i believe but too much of an area, 1 std will give us only 68% or somethin around that, which won't do) like in wallman's filter. And of course using something like average true range (7 day works well) is good for finding strong upcoming movements. Also, remember, when a stock is testing old lows, large lower shadows and volume increase (as wallman pointed out) are a good indication of upcoming upward movement, the stock fell that day but because of increased buying interest it rebounded.

When it comes to exit points, I make it quite simple. I usually will exit any stock if the RSI(14) crosses above 70 OR if the slow stochastic(5,5) crosses above 75 or so OR if i make over 15%, I try to make it as unemotional as possible.

Filter Exchange · bollinger bands 2
msg #26715
6/3/2003 6:47:02 AM

just trying to keep things easier to read, this is a continuation of wallman's thread, here's the last post, number 112:

rrochon 6/2/2003 10:49:34 PM

Hi, Muddy.

Yes, my brokerage, Interactive Brokers, does have continous real time quotes, but the charts are 20 minute delayed, so by the time the green volume bar shows it is 20 minutes after it happened. But I guess, the term, "in the green" did not refer to the volume bar, as I thought.

So, tonight the screen brought up ABGX with almost 8 million shares traded and IGL with over 2 million.

Without re-reading all of the posts to find the buy target, was it above the close, or above today's high?



General Discussion · any filter "reference" around?
msg #26708
6/2/2003 5:11:36 PM

has most of em

General Discussion · Volume spike
msg #26695
6/1/2003 4:15:56 PM

err, it checks for stocks with a volume going 5x above the 15 day average volume

General Discussion · Volume spike
msg #26694
6/1/2003 4:13:13 PM

try this, this basically checks for volume peaking above an avg. 10 volume using a ratio, during the past month

Fetcher[show stocks where volume average volume(10) is above 50000 and price is between 1 and 10 and volume divided by average volume(15) crossed above 5 within the last 20 days]

this will bring up pretty large spikes that occured during the last 20 trading days (about a month)

Filter Exchange · Please share some of your "secret filters" to make $$$
msg #26635
5/27/2003 7:04:48 PM

Who knows, DMI is kinda delayed when it comes to the relationship between crosses and actual movement in price, but you never know. You'll have to experiment, if you find out anything cool feel free to post

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