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Public Filter List · Fast %K Reversal
msg #47713
10/28/2006 9:05:07 PM

things that line up, or things that don't fit.

Pardon a noob but What do you mean by it?

General Discussion · How many filters do you have?
msg #47617
10/24/2006 9:41:30 PM

Hey Luc1grunt
I know are from Cramersmadmoney isn't?
What 3 filters do you have?

Filter Exchange · Combining (Combo) Filters
msg #47517
10/18/2006 1:51:55 PM

Very nice filter...tweaking a bit here and there gives amazing results.

General Discussion · Calculation of RSI(2)
msg #47451
10/13/2006 6:00:09 PM

Thanks rharmelink and Jim.

Now I got a better picture.

General Discussion · Calculation of RSI(2)
msg #47441
10/13/2006 2:06:32 AM


I have trying your formula on so many stocks for the last 2 days but haven't been able to figure out the right results.
L = AL - (AG / (100 / (100 - RSI) - 1))

Actually none of them matches with what I see on SF or any other site.

Let's take EZPW as an example. On 10/2/2006, the RSI(2) was 84.4. Next day (10/3) the RSI(2) became 5.1. So to achieve 5.1, let's insert in the formula:

L = AL - (AG / (100 / (100 - 5.1) - 1))

AL = (0.03/2) = 0.015 (In the last 2 days there was one red day and fell $0.03)
AG = (0.12/2) = 0.06 (In the last 2 days there was one Green day and rose $0.12)

L = 0.015 - (0.06/ (100 / (100 - 5.1) - 1))

L = -1.1

But if you see the stock fell $2.38 to achieve RSI(2) of 5.1.

So please tell me what I am doing wrong.


General Discussion · How many filters do you have?
msg #47435
10/12/2006 2:26:04 PM

Just wondering, on an average how many filters does one have.


How many filters do you have in "My Filters"?
Which filter(s) do you look at(rely) everday?

For me....
I have 12 filters (I recently joined SF :)

I rely on these filters everyday

Revised RSI(2)
Aroon Oscillator AND MACD

General Discussion · Calculation of RSI(2)
msg #47389
10/9/2006 1:45:38 PM

Well the reason I was asking is that I can't on the computer all the time since I have full time job. I can use RSI(2) to put a trade trigger at the price where I know RSI(2) will become 0.5 or whatever I decide.
Do you have a spreadsheet setup like that...I'm sorry, I'm not so good with Excel. Can you please share it with me?

General Discussion · Calculation of RSI(2)
msg #47379
10/8/2006 7:17:40 PM

That brings up another good point that I have been thinking of to calculate RSI(2) for the next day?

Let's say a particular stock's RSI(2) is 1.5 and my strategy is to buy when RSI(2) goes below 0.5, so by the current price, how can one calculate at what price next day will the RSI(2) be below 0.5?


Filter Exchange · hey all!
msg #47341
10/5/2006 9:59:35 PM

Hey Jacob
Aren't you from CramersMadMoney? I remember seeing this name over there.

General Discussion · WIRE
msg #47276
10/2/2006 5:28:38 PM

Hello All
Have been looking at this stock (WIRE) for sometime. Fundamentals are great! But seems like it been trading in a channel of $34-38. Looking at the chart...seems like its forming ascending triangle...but I am be wrong.

Does anyone else here see it as a good stock? OR does any see any bad points about this one?

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