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General Discussion · Relative Average Oscillator
msg #39590
12/16/2005 1:20:32 AM

Thanks for the effort to duplicate the RAV filter.
I agree with drew9, it was one of the best around.
Keep up the good work.


General Discussion · Relative Average Oscillator
msg #39581
12/15/2005 4:47:36 PM

Does anyone have a filter which mirrors Matthew Claassen's Relative Average Oscillator which was taken off this site about a year ago. Or if a filter already exitsts, point me in the right direction.



General Discussion · Detective Work II
msg #39573
12/15/2005 1:06:32 PM

Been following this thread with great interest and did some research on XSNX. Found this on a message board and am posting for those of you interested. Don't know how accurate this information is.

XSNX claims that their product has an efficiency that is about half that of amorphous silicon PV products, this would put their efficiency in the 2% to 3% range. ESLR product is in the 10% to 11% efficiency range and other crystalline silicon PV products are in the 15% to 17% range with <20% a distinct possibility in the near future. While a tinted photoelectric glass would be a compelling product, even at such low efficiencies, it is unlikely that it would be used for other PV applications.


XSNX claims that their product will cost about half of what other PV costs per watt. If this is current or future cost is not clear. Currently the price of PV is in the $3.50 per watt range, up from $3.00 about 18 months ago (up due to high demand and a shortage of polysilicon). PV has historically declined in cost by about 5% a year, and the currently dominant silicon wafer PV technology should get down to under $1.50 per watt and newer thin film technologies should get below $1.00 per watt, so will XSNX supposed cost advantage be as great as they claim over the long run.

XSNX is an R&D company.

They currently make no product. They claim to be in negotiations to license their product but have yet to sign a deal. Because they do not make their product at a commercial level, their claims of efficiency and cost are at best just educated guesses so use these claims with caution. Also, most other PV companies have take 10 years or more go from the stage of development that XSNX is currently at to full commercial production and at least 50% fail to ever go to commercial production, so IMO XSNX is at this time a highly speculative long term investment.

General Discussion · DMI and Parabolic SAR magic
msg #38850
11/12/2005 5:00:04 PM


Can you give us an update on this filter and it's performance now that you've been using it for a couple of months. You were very positive about it then. Backtesting can be useful but nothing beats real life trading.

General Discussion · Stocks missing from Backtest list
msg #38632
10/31/2005 11:33:12 PM

I am wondering if anyone has found this problem.
I went through the My Filters list of stocks for two filters I have and wrote down the stocks for three months. I then compared the list to those in backtest and found some missing. My holding period is 5 days and I understand stocks will not list in backtest twice within the holding period. There's an average of 2 stocks missing per month.
This can make a difference to the backtest results.
Would appreciate comments.

Backtesting Support · Definitions
msg #38564
10/25/2005 2:20:14 AM


Backtesting Support · Expainations of headings requested
msg #38563
10/25/2005 2:19:23 AM

Repeat request

General Discussion · Trigger date price is the entry price
msg #38557
10/24/2005 5:11:14 PM

This may have been covered before but it looks to me like the trigger date price is the one used for entry and not the next days opening price. I've looked at several stocks and this seems to be the case. Anyone know anything about this?

Filter Exchange · Need a Filter
msg #38296
10/1/2005 3:54:50 PM


Thanks for the filter and tips.
I notice you don't have any price or exchange parameters.
Maybe I have got wrong information but can you clarify the following:
1. You cannot short OTC, BB, or PINK stocks.
2. You cannot short any stock under $5

General Discussion · Opinions on working as a Commodity Broker
msg #38167
9/23/2005 8:33:09 PM

I would like to get peoples opinion on working as a commodity broker.
I know the exam is the Series 3, and all the details regarding it.
I'm more interested in actual experience of people who are doing/have done it.
Difficulty of getting clients. (by telemarketing/cold-calling)
Average success rate, Commission rates & average earned, Turnover rate of clients, Burnout rate, and any other factors you may think relevant.
I am considering entering this field and would like to have as much information as possible before making a decision.

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