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General Discussion · DE $149.57
msg #148931
8/16/2019 4:05:29 PM

149.20 close today

General Discussion · DE $149.57
msg #148929
8/16/2019 12:56:55 PM

148.57+4.86 (+3.38%)
As of 12:56PM EDT

General Discussion · DE $149.57
msg #148926
8/16/2019 11:15:54 AM

148.77+5.06 (+3.52%)
As of 11:16AM

General Discussion · DE $149.57
msg #148925
8/16/2019 10:50:10 AM

DE Aug 16 '19 $144 Put -1 0.10

General Discussion · OSTK pays dividend in crypto and requires customers to open new brokerage account and Rule 144
msg #148924
8/16/2019 10:36:08 AM

Hmmm... I thought this company decision would be of interest

General Discussion · IF?
msg #148923
8/16/2019 10:33:30 AM




General Discussion · Trends: options VS futures
msg #148922
8/16/2019 10:25:07 AM

Filter Exchange · Need Help - Buy the Dip
msg #148917
8/15/2019 3:53:34 PM


Almost any filter that follows the trend works until it doesn't.

In other words, How will you handle the taking of gains and taking of losses? What percent of the portfolio is each stock allowed to represent?

If you only trade a trend that goes up... are you going to sit for possibly months or years not trading during a recession when the trend is down... or will you trade both sides of the market?

Many forget that there are times when the trend is neither up or down and just floats sideways. What will you do then?

Thus, There are three trends and only being able to play one of them is a recipe for frustration and losses when the other two present themselves.

Filter Exchange · Need Help - Buy the Dip
msg #148895
8/14/2019 1:51:54 PM


show stocks where wma(10) crossed below wma(50) within the last 2 days
chart-time 15 days
set{cross, count(wma(10) crossed below wma(50),1)}
draw cross

The filter below is in the image I posted above... it is not the same as you were identifying in your previous post. This filter is a close cross over of ma50.. it is not a ma10 cross over of ma50. And the ma10 is above ma50 for many days before the close cross over of ma50.

low > 20
volume > 321321
count(MA(10) above MA(50),60) is above 58
close crossed above ma(50)

Filter Exchange · Need Help - Buy the Dip
msg #148886
8/14/2019 9:56:45 AM

The Guide is here:

1. DIP

What do you consider a long trend?
What do you consider a dip?
What will be your EXIT for a profit?
What will be your EXIT for a loss?
Will you pyramid on the original trade?

Here is somewhere to start... modify as you need...

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