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Filter Exchange · i bet you didnt read this my sheep- you had a chance to make 300-500% today already
msg #82782
11/10/2009 4:39:49 PM

Far better to be the proverbial sheep in reality, than the fantasy mega-trader in severe psychosis.

General Discussion · DOW makes new high
msg #82760
11/10/2009 2:03:56 PM

Going the other way here.

Thanks again.

General Discussion · FXP is a cheap inverse ETF if ...
msg #82284
11/2/2009 6:39:26 PM

Honestly, this is my final indication to go the other way.

Thank You.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #82246
11/1/2009 6:47:09 PM

This is my las post and I am out of here......
(Sorry Mr. Alf, I couldnt resist) :)

Random musing.....regarding predicting the future.

2010 is almost upon us.

If you were stranded on an island for the last 10 years you
just might come home in 2010 expecting the federal defecit to
be cut in half, or paid off completely.

Remember ! Thats what they said after having a 100 billion surplus
in 1999.

Any predictions for 2020 ?

I also would like to contribute to Stockfetcher and trust me,
you can take this one to the bank,.... its a gem.

Pour 1.5 oz. of Don Julio Tequila (Anejo) into the blender.
Add .5 oz. Cointraeau ( the Germans invaded France for this stuff in the big one)
Thaw ,then, add 1 ounce of Minutemaid frozen concentrate lime juice.
Add 3oz. ounces water.
Add ice cubes to LEVELwith the top of the liquid (not too much ice)
add 1/4 teaspoon sugar.
Blend thoroughly.
Lightly salt the rim of the glass.
Pour and squeeze/drop a lime wedge.

If you dont scrimp on the ingredients you will have the best
"Lonely Bastard" Marguirita in the world.

Ps. if youre not a lonely bastard, double the above recipe.

This is not your fathers Tequila nightmare where you fall down and
chip a tooth ! This is 1st class as you will realize this at the checkout.

Thank me later.

General Discussion · That's A Wrap ... I Am Out !!!
msg #82240
11/1/2009 4:15:32 PM

"Its all good in my book" is just a figure of speech that I was using.
I heard that home builder analogy somewhere and it
seems to capture the idea of "trend is friend" , "dont fight trend"

Its all good in my book is just my way of saying "its a free country,
post until you fingers bleed". Its all good.

General Discussion · That's A Wrap ... I Am Out !!!
msg #82215
11/1/2009 10:06:23 AM

I kow that Alf has methods that work for him. You can just tell.

Taking the time to demonstrate and explain is a major contribution.

"Long and stong " for Alf and others has been EXACTLY right for many months now.

Smart contractors/ homebuilders are building homes from the bottom of a slowdown/recession
and turning them over/profiting all the way up.

They get clocked once at the top and sell their last project for break even or a loss.
They dont try to predict when it will happen they just keep doing what works until it stops.

Some builders never build a home... some build their 1st at the top.

If you think in the above terms then it may be frustrating hear frequent bottom/ top callers,
and earnings plays because these are inconsistent stategies/guesses.

Alf is probably consistently compounding over the years..... but you never know.....
he may just bet the ranch on one of those BAC calls.

Its all good in my book. Fire away and post at will.... and while we are at it......
Which earnings play will punch my ticket next week? :)

Filter Exchange · Set up watchlist
msg #82211
11/1/2009 9:30:30 AM

Thanks chetron.... that helps.

Filter Exchange · Set up watchlist
msg #82154
10/30/2009 6:00:25 PM

I am looking to use a filter to find a basket of stocks to swing trade

that have shown they have a tendancy , say, in the last 90 days to move up, (bounce)

well from an oversold condition. CLF and TNA are the "type" that seem to

match well when looked at "historically" with the filter below. AAPL does not

as I would like to eliminate the likes of AAPL as swing trading possibilities.

I am trying to look for quick gains of 10% or better following an oversold condition.

My question is : Is there a way to count the number of times a stock has done this

(bounce big) in a 90 day look back period?

The filter below is what I have but it does not count the number of times a stock has done
this in the last 90 days

I made a comment the other day and was told I should enroll at Yale by some
deshelved or rankled or rumpled one.
The idea is a simple one........ I just cant find a way to Stockfetcher code it
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

set{x, day change(1)}
set{y, sum(x,10)}
days( williams %r(10) crossed below -90,10) is above days( y crossed above 10,10)
and days( y crossed above 10,10) is above -1
close > 10
avg vol(90) > 1000000
add column y

Filter Exchange · TRO RAT REVERSAL
msg #81728
10/25/2009 5:56:25 PM

Good filter.

I am playing with this to suit myself and am trying " reverse > 2.0" and williams(10) < -75 and a day range/volatility requirement that today be a quiet day after a couple/few hard down days.

A couple of sweet spots in TNA within the last few months are good examples of this.


General Discussion · Bag Holders Association
msg #72685
3/13/2009 4:59:14 PM

One question please.......

Are monkeys and Crude oil correlated or not?

Most disagree on this matter.

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