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Filter Exchange · Golden Cross Filter?
msg #84366
12/13/2009 2:40:12 PM - 23k -

There have been studies on 10 years of data on the usual 10-20 or so markets that these folks
trade.......50/200 xover should be looked at in the context of your available choices..

I think Covels book is the source of data that I am referring to.

Filter Exchange · larry connors and trading scammed me on my system
msg #84060
12/8/2009 5:30:57 PM

The "author" of DOS may have been an employee of Bill Gates that deserved nothing more
than his paycheck or terms of contract.

Uncommon intellect is a resource naturally exploited by those with the uncommon drive,
brains and balls to succeed or fail by going it alone. That is business... that is America !

Stop crying and STEP UP like Larry Connors or Mark Crisp.......

To the rumpled one...... support either the rats or the intellects. Make a choice...
You cant have your cheese and eat it too !


"no i called bryce about it at trading markets and he came to my home and he learned from me- they knew nothing about it until i gave it to them"

When I re-read the above quote from MFM it is SO innocent . I mean no dis-respect here as I enjoy your posts
even if they are no use to me.

Most who post here pick up occaisional rare jewels " like Chets Vix today" but there are
tenderfoots that must "pay up" for years befor they realize "it cant be purchased".
There is a huge mrket for tenderfoots.

By Jesus , Mary....... why dont you hook up with someone to edit, and market a coherent system
based on your bottom/top calling, unusual option activity...... etc...

Otherwise this will be Deja Vu all over again.

Filter Exchange · larry connors and trading scammed me on my system
msg #84042
12/8/2009 2:12:24 PM

Williams %r(2) is BETTER.
If this has not been used in these forums......... then..... give me money and call it
fortyfours indicator.

You have gotta be shitting me that this guy thinks that buying thrusts, panic, hysteria,
manipulation etc.. resulting in very short - term oversoldness is his creation, or that
the derivative of such is his creation.....

Long dead speculators are collectiively rolling where there eyes used to be in their
graves....... "Nothing in the stock market is new....Its as old as the hills". Even
this was said by someone famous a long time ago .

General Discussion · RSI 2
msg #83671
12/1/2009 11:13:16 AM


You state what I know is true for me but is hard to quantify.

I cant get it right, balls dead on perfect (using day bars) most of the time.

If I dont give myself "a day or two" to be wrong then things dont go well.

If stops are a fraction below, say a 3 day low the market seems to always "touch"
there and reverse.

Rsi(2) < 1 with a huge red day bar ( or FAZ for that matter) doesnt allow one to
apply the above.

I need a DROP and STOP setup. "hasnt reversed yet but volatility is drained out"
If plummet resumes in a day,two or three then I am out. It is very clear to see when I am
wrong when this happens.

However, If I read you right....... do you advocate hanging in there as the 'thing" does
say..... another ..... three day drop from your entry ?

Trust me , I am not challenging you in any way.... I am just very interested
in you practical professional experience. Could you eleborate?

Filter Exchange · my predictions about the market on yahoo gld message boards
msg #83548
11/27/2009 5:08:47 PM

There is a new etf GDXJ.

It is the junior gold miners and will probably move good.
Good liquidity already.

Where are the leveraged currency ETF's ? Isnt it about time with all
the attention recently ?

Filter Exchange · Buying stocks that have dropped 5 or more days in a row
msg #83384
11/23/2009 3:57:38 PM

Verify for yourself by click/sorting downX columns to see if performance of dowX is better/worse.
Try differnt market caps etc....
Substitute your preference, Rsi(2) etc.... for Williams %r(10), ma(100)....
Good Luck.

set{money, close * avg vol(30)}
set{million, money/1000000}

set{d3,count(close below close 1 day ago,3)}
set{d4,count(close below close 1 day ago,4)}
set{d5,count(close below close 1 day ago,5)}
set{d6,count(close below close 1 day ago,6)}
set{d7,count(close below close 1 day ago,7)}

set{down3,count(d3 > 2.5,1)}
set{down4,count(d4 > 3.5,1)}
set{down5,count(d5 > 4.5,1)}
set{down6,count(d6 > 5.5,1)}
set{down7,count(d7 > 6.5,1)}

set{setup,count( williams %r(10) < -95,1)}

million > 50
/*million between 1 and 10*/

add column million
price is above MA(100)

set{or1, down3 + down4}
set{or2, or1 + down5}
set{or3, or2 + down6}
set{or4, or3 + down7}

or4 > 0
and setup > .5

add column down3
add column down4
add column down5
add column down6
add column down7
add column industry

offset 18

msg #82973
11/13/2009 12:40:07 AM


Great thread. I wonder if adding a general go / no go condition to your filter would improve
results going back years. I believe you have a sharp bull market tool here.

It is my impression, over the years, that IBD's philosophy is to select a lot of low float , high RS flyers
(how else to get 5 baggers and such earnings growth etc...?) , and rates these highly (90 or above).
These may get sold hard when the market turns.

I dont know if I could withstand the string of losses during these times.

I'm not saying that ma(100) is the "right" bull/bear indicator and would be interested to know
how others fare.

Chetron wrote this snippet below to only allow "hits" from your filter when the SP500 is good.

set{SPYtest, count(ind(SPY,close) is above ind(SPY,MA(100)),1) }
SPYtest > 0
draw ma(100)

Great work. Thanks.

Filter Exchange · i bet you didnt read this my sheep- you had a chance to make 300-500% today already
msg #82949
11/12/2009 5:56:42 PM

Its no wonder that you can afford the Patron Silver !

General Discussion · Theoretical underlying philosophy to trading/investing
msg #82948
11/12/2009 5:52:16 PM


Pure price coming at you , rather fast in this case, would be a nice
training/ simulation/practice tool.

It would be nice to click buy/sells quickly in a large sample of stocks,
bullish and barish charts, to see how one fares.

Do you offer this, or, does anyone know where to find this type of simulation
software. I would love to play with this type of feature.


General Discussion · ETFs - can I eliminate short or leveraged?
msg #82797
11/10/2009 7:47:24 PM

"If ETFs are so highly correlated it makes me wonder if there is any point in following more than just a few of them."

IMHO I think youre dead on there.... Toss several hundred ETF's, and , thousands of stocks for that matter,out the window and follow TNA and BGU and their opposites.

Maybe add The long and short sector etf's for :

Commercial real estate
Nat gas
Steel/ Metal Mining
Biotech? anyone.....?

This search should take an hour with help of others here and then stop.

Spend the rest of your life trading.

Many , many years ago, with super high commissions and all....... Old traders used to say
"If I could only buy the averages". Or so I read in a book or two...... or, I'm making it up !

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