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General Discussion · Finding stocks that trend - highly directional within a range
msg #85433
1/2/2010 4:38:33 PM

Here is my display for searching for the type of stocks you mention.
I click sort columns and change the code of columns to search for stocks.
For example if I change the 1.5x volatility corssovers to the last 5 days I can see
which stocks exploded up or down on a given week..... etc.... ad nauseum...
Williams < WHATEVER restricts AAPL's or anyone away from lower BB
Choose your own entry criteria.
See Chet for programming details!
I use a setting chart = LINE so its not so cluttered. Suit yourself...
Good Luck.

Fetcher[*display percentage above the lower bollinger band(12)*/
/*if not in dispaly only mode use slow TOMMS HULL ma line for buy signal*/
/*display ma(90) and 1.5 * ma(90) of BB(12) DIFF */
/* Johns crazy bb display*/
/*trend I is ma(150)*/

/***************TOMMS HULL MOVING AVERAGE.....SLOWAVG ONLY IS USED**************/
set{f2,2 * f1}
set{valfast,f2 - f3}

set{Vs2,2 * Vs1}
set{valslow,f2 - f3}
do not draw slowavg on plot close

set{cdiff, close - lower bollinger band(12)}
set{temp, cdiff/ lower bollinger band(12)}
set{PERCENTnearLOWBB, temp * 100}

/***********************CHART SETUP********************/
chart-display is weekly /*required for funny weekly day change visual thing*/
cema(weekly day change,3) below 100 /*required to get daily display of price*/

close > 10
avg vol(30) > 300000
count(close > ma(150),75) above 65
cema(bollinger diff(12),90) > .05 /*minimum trading volatility*/

set{xcount90, count(bollinger diff(12) crossed above cema(bollinger diff(12),90) ,1)}
set{xoversum90, sum(xcount90,90)}
xoversum90 > 2

set{xcount30, count(bollinger diff(12) crossed above cema(bollinger diff(12),90) ,1)}
set{xoversum30, sum(xcount90,30)} /*adjust this number for short volatility lookback*/
/*xoversum30 > 0*/

/*********************BUY SIGNAL****************/
/*close crossed above slowavg*/ /*comment out buy signal for display only*/
count williams %r(12) < -40
count(williams %r(12) < -60,4) > 0


/****************HIGHER VOLATILITY BAR (1.3x)......COUNT AND DISPLAY THIS*****/
set{onefive, 1.3 * cema(bollinger diff(12),90) }
set{onefivecount , count(bollinger diff(12) crossed above onefive ,1) }
set{onefivesum, sum(onefivecount,90)}
add column onefivesum
draw onefive on plot bollinger diff(12)

draw bollinger band(12)
draw cema(bollinger diff(12),90)
draw ma(150)
draw bollinger band(40,.2)

add column xoversum90
add column xoversum30
add column cema(bollinger diff(12),90)
add column PERCENTnearLOWBB
sort column 5 descending

do not draw weekly day change
do not draw xoversum90
do not draw xoversum30

add column williams %r(12)

General Discussion · Can You Legally Sell Stock Tips Online Or Elsewhere?
msg #85101
12/29/2009 1:47:46 AM

Any two for one or all you can eat deals?

General Discussion · Superbounce Club...
msg #85067
12/28/2009 7:52:58 PM

Try a volatility breakout filter......

This method is better than paraboplic sar....You can specify how many days you want in the squeeze....volume......etc.....

How you can tell what direction it will POP is beyond me....I have to specify close above close 1 day ago!
Good Luck.

Fetcher[close between 1 and 5
avg vol(30) > 100000

bollinger width(12) crossed above cema(bollinger width(12),10)
close above close 1 day ago

count(bollinger width(12) below cema(bollinger width(12),10),15) > 13

John, Look how this catches AMR a while back. Wasnt that a reco of yours.....

General Discussion · Classification of ETFs by Industry Group
msg #84900
12/24/2009 2:43:56 AM

Thanks John......

That weekly day range thing was a programming error that I like.....
I couldnt explain how it works and dont care to know !

I certainly take note of your observations airlines, coal etc.. in your the BIG thread
and hope you and others continue....

I would hope it is understood there are no "reputations" at stake here.
An observation or, heads up that a group of stocks becomes oversold and
may be moving up is just that. An observation.....

Knowing what will happen in the future is not a requirement.
Though, I believe it is on Yahoo boards....

General Discussion · Classification of ETFs by Industry Group
msg #84867
12/23/2009 1:57:35 PM


That is a very good reference.... thanks...

Someone here reco'ed

I had a problem with following or better yet actually USING IBD's industrys ratings.

They build an "index" so to speak of well known stocks in an industry and provide
the chart of this mini index.

This is going to be helpful to me..... thanks to whoever.....

For example Johnpaul mentioned one or two airline stocks a while back.
Tickerspy shows the oversold group in its entirety bouncing. Thats what Im
looking for.... There may not be an etf for airlines but take your pick of the leaders...
Groups like solar, chineese ag are the most heavily foillowed on

My recent use of this has been the FWLT's JEC's bouncing. Heavy infrastructure.
I bought FWLT for a bounce

Last couple days PBR and UCO for a bouce of longer .....we''ll see...
Aint interested in matching wits/trading numbers......
Just maybe sharing info for a more slow moving type of trader/investor
Giving and getting a heads up so to speak when a group of stocks is turning around.

Pretty much the single filter I use is for etfs and stocks is below

My chart setting Is LINE. I dont care about intraday and do not have stops in. Theres good
and bad with that but I do it the same all the time and get both.

Fetcher[ chart-display is weekly
cema(weekly day change,3) BELOW 100 /*required to get daily display of price*/
/*cema(weekly day change,3) crossed above 0*/

weekly day change above weekly day change 1 week ago
weekly day change 1 week ago above weekly day change 2 weeks ago
williams %r(12) < -50
count(williams %r(12) < -85,5) > 0

do not draw weekly day change

close > 10
avg vol(30) > 2000000
count(weekly day change > 7,99) > 10 /*minimum ammount of zip*/

sort column 5 descending
add column industry
draw ma(6)

Good luck

General Discussion · All Aboard!! Choo chooooo .....
msg #84829
12/22/2009 6:24:26 PM

I think the long 2x and 3x etfs are a very good thing for a lot of people

Different strokes.. different.... folks. I see them as longer lasting swing trades than
many stocks.....similar to appls and bidu but with better oomph!

I dont watch nickels/dimes but by looking at the charts of the LONGS ...
I dont see a problem with price closely matching the underlying.

Although I did not take it..... TNA came up as a buy candidate "offset 15"
and is up 18% where SPY is up 1 or 2 %

No company risk with oooph!
If you are the type that adds to / builds positions then your account is larger
....leveraged to do so.

Keven, I doubt you a picked a long term top in gold.

ps: I wouldnt own a junior miner if you paid me.

Gold, and dollar down will probably be bought soon.

People.... expect Kevins overhead resistance to check any rally in gold
and provide a shorting opportunity.

Filter Exchange · exactly how stock market is manipulated
msg #84742
12/20/2009 9:23:47 PM

Furious , frequent posts have pushed this wrong call on BAC to the "next" page..... Nice work.

Just keeping it real....dawg.

Filter Exchange · okay need your help on major stock breakout filter-this is >95% accurate
msg #84723
12/20/2009 3:02:41 PM


chart-display is weekly
cema(weekly day change,3) > -3
add column weekly day change

Try out this indicator MFM. Pretty much does your turn around thing (AMR) as does macd(2,3,1).
I think its also good to spot pullbacks , (CLF) in a trend.

Announcements · New Feature: Weekly Indicators and Charts
msg #84424
12/14/2009 9:43:01 PM

Thanks, it does help.

Announcements · New Feature: Weekly Indicators and Charts
msg #84405
12/14/2009 3:26:43 PM


Could you add the feature to look at a 5 year chart of weekly data.?

Currently I go to to do this.

Anyone else want 5 year data?

I go to for 5 year/ 10 year charts.

What source do others use for 5 year data?


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