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Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147482
4/22/2019 6:42:11 PM


Is there any way to make it work on Lite version of SF.
I have been away for a while and will have to brush up on filters.
Used to do a lot of filters when the rsi2 crowd was around here.
I have t say I look for longer than a few days hold time now so the bottom
I look for has to prove itself with good retest or ABC type price action.

General Discussion · Stock advisory services....pot to tech
msg #147341
4/12/2019 8:52:45 PM

Thanks for posting. I found the list of the 50 stocks in the etf.

Filter Exchange · Larry Connors RSI Powerzones Long Strategy
msg #147244
4/7/2019 10:04:10 PM

I like these kind of filters that trigger more than once or possibly several times .
STNE is what I mean when it reversed and held at 20-22 back a few months.
Looks like storage and disk drive stocks were caught here and now as well .
Yes, Sh. Fine tune it to all winners and cherries.

General Discussion · Stock advisory services....pot to tech
msg #147243
4/7/2019 9:31:06 PM

Out of touch with growth stocks, used to frequent IBD and Fool to stay in tune with whats good and whats new. Yup, most have run a time but catching one more leg up is ok.
Trading them , not buy and hold.
So , how do these two oldies but goodies measure up these days?
Wouldnt run away from a fee service but i do like free.

Filter Exchange · Need help with filter: Weekly charts
msg #139979
12/10/2017 10:27:26 PM


chart-display is weekly


set{c, x/2}
add column x
add coluMN C

SET{HALF,Count(weekly day range below c,1)}
draw half

I dont think you can have a different colored candle but you can indicate it at the bottom of your chart.
This should point you in the right direction.
The 'weekly day range' surprisingly seems to work .
I have used it before for other purposes.

Hope this helps.

msg #139622
11/29/2017 6:36:49 PM

Welcome back Riggs!

Filter Exchange · Xiv
msg #138631
10/8/2017 8:43:18 PM

You can sell your stock and freeze the amount of $ in your account. Good.
You can buy UUP and/or FXY and expose your $ to other currencies. Good. Usually redeem for more $ later in a bear market.
You can assume going forward that fed will not be as tight, in a bear market/recession, so buy treasuries. A little of SHY, TLH,TLT to get the whole curve or bet on short term treasuries as durarion( risk) is moving to liquidity and safety.
Some gold maybe?
Short SPY?

I would watch out for trading halts/busts , rule changes, restrictions and the unknown with these tripple inverse etfs in a bear market.

Of course, nothing has to play out the same way as it did in the past.

This is enough if you can tme and execute this. No small feat.
You may have to settle for a tad under a 99% return.

Filter Exchange · Uptrend filters
msg #138271
9/19/2017 3:14:12 PM

Have you seen that Stratasearch V4.5 is available for free download?
I discovered this today and did just that.
(Says limited time so.......)

I have read that the free Yahoo data is no longer available and my simple query ( old method)
Indeed does not work.

Anyone have a method to get eod data from yahoo?
i am thinking to test this trend following filter/method posted above in Stratasearch using Imported Yahoo data.


Filter Exchange · Uptrend filters
msg #138234
9/18/2017 12:21:50 PM

If you have SF advanced you can do simple math to assign weight and do the sum of weights to all these crossovers.
Stratasearch can find some good performance numbers optimizing these crossovers.
I found it better to do "good" fitting for "things" on an individual basis.

What happened to Stratasearch and the issue of Yahoo end of day data?

Filter Exchange · Uptrend filters
msg #138209
9/17/2017 1:55:41 PM



draw ma(5)
draw ma(10)
draw ma(20)
draw ma(15)
draw ma(25)
draw ma(30)

set{a0,count(close > ma(5),1)}
set{a1,count(close > ma(10),1)}
set{a2,count(close > ma(20),1)}
set{a3,count(close > ma(15),1)}
set{a4,count(close > ma(30),1)}
set{a5,count(close > ma(25),1)}

set{s1, s0+a2}
set{s2, s1 + a3}
set{s3,s2 + a4}

draw cema(rainbow,5)


You don't have to get all of the new trend and insist on catching the 1st break of a downtrend. Not one on the planet can.
Big money does not think and act like we do. You got "all day" to see and act on trend. Get some of it.

You can reverse the rainbow for shorts. When you see more of one than the other it might be trend.
In general, entries are when rainbow signal starts to rise. Two guys can use this and one may do well
and the other lose. It's all you

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